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‘The Walking Dead’ 4-10 ‘Inmates’

Some of the cast at a convention
Photo by Catrina Maxwell

The Walking Dead’ 4-10 ‘Inmates’

Last several seasons I have posted spoilers, I won’t be giving away as many as I have in the past, at least not for this episode.

This episode was much more informative than last weeks episode. We find several major characters, and they are doing, so so.

Tyreese is alive and has the two young girls that Carol was mentoring. Lizzie, as we thought during the first part of season four is a psychopath. Something during tonights, (Sunday Feb. 16), tips us off that she is nuts. Seriously, disturbed.

This episode revealed so much about the survivors, we see many of them and maybe even find some new ones, then lose them, then find some more.

It was a great episode, as they all are.

Check my next article for some really interesting information on Season five.

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