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‘The Walking Dead’ 2 AMC sneak peek promos for episode 4X11 ‘Claimed’

The Walking Dead” trailer for episode 4X11 “Claimed” was a series of fast paced clips that gave us only the briefest peek into the episode. On Feb. 17, Spoiler TV shared 2 separate sneak peeks from the episode that gives us a little more to go on.

‘The Walking Dead’ 2 AMC sneak peek promos for episode 4X11 ‘Claimed’
Photos by AMC Promotional

In the first one, we see an exchange between Rick Grimes and Michonne. They are in the kitchen of the house where the Grimes boys have been holed up while Rick recovers from his injuries. They are discussing the need for supplies and Michonne says she’ll take Carl out to get them. Rick wants to go but one look at him tells you he’s in no shape to go anywhere just yet and Michonne tells him so.

The second clip has no dialog because Michonne appears to be alone. She may be in a different house scavenging for those supplies. As she looks at a bloodied painting, she hears noises from behind a door at the end of the hall. Not wanting to make any noise, she slowly crosses the length of the hall, still carrying the painting. Unidentified noises continue to emanate from the behind the door. She reaches for the knob and…

We’ll have to tune in on Sunday, Feb. 23 to see “Claimed” and find out what happens behind that door when “The Walking Dead” on AMC.

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