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The Walking Dead Episode Commentary: After

AMC The Walking Dead
AMC The Walking Dead

America's favorite zombie drama is back, but the outcome was simply a disappointment.

It featured the same song and dance in terms of character plot lines and just added a new location. After a two month break, "The Walking Dead" kicked off the second half of its fourth season with a dud instead of a bang. The circumstances are different for the group now especially Rick (Andrew Lincoln), Carl (Chandler Riggs) and even Michonne (Danai Gurira), who are the three main characters featured in this episode. The pace is a complete drag and no matter how many times Carl wants to take chances and take out walkers, he somehow escapes by the skin of his teeth or even the skin of the walkers teeth literally.

This episode featured a beaten and battered Rick, who not only was in as bad a shape as anyone could be, the fact that he was literally wheezing throughout this entire episode made you feel uncomfortable. To top it off, his nagging Carl every five seconds was an annoyance of its own. Carl, on the other hand, made matters worse by being the spoiled moody little brat we were used to seeing in the first half of the this season.

Michonne, along with two jaw less and armless walkers, similar to how we were introduced to her character, is on her own journey. An interesting part of this episode was a dream sequence that took place that involved her, her boyfriend, his friend and her baby boy. The dream also featured her sword. The dream sequence itself was entirely strange and felt like a commercial more than anything else. You did not feel like you were watching an episode of “The Walking Dead." It was interesting to see a bit of a back story that involved Michonne and her past, though.

Rick and Carl have their own adventure in "After" as well. While walking through the suburban streets of Atlanta, they find themselves a home to crash in. While Rick is badly beat up and slips in and out of consciousness, Carl decides to take out several walkers with a strategy that goes haywire. After watching this episode, you think that Carl is the luckiest kid on the face of the earth- not only because he found a super sized jar of chocolate pudding during a zombie Apocalypse, but because he has cheated death more times than several of the cast members from the "Final Destination" movies. You can count on your hands the times Carl has cheated death this episode. He was literally a tooth away from becoming a walker, but somehow escaped by a shoe.

Overall, the unrealistic character flaws that take place not only in this episode but in this entire series is what makes “The Walking Dead” so addicting, but equally as tiresome. It seems that each season is set in a new place, and each episode will feature different characters and focus on how they barely survive. Unfortunately, for this second half premiere, there was nothing that would excite you for the remaining seven episodes of this season. Although there are many questions that are left to be answered, it is definite that each episode will supply a few of them.

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