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The Waka Winter Classic hits dalls on Saturday

Waka Winter Classic
Waka Winter Classic

Saturday, Feb 6, the Waka Winter Classic is in Dallas. The Waka Winter Classic is a musical festival that travels to 20 different cities, looking for the best and brightest musicians. The winner of this battle of the band type of night, will then head to a regional completion. The Dallas event will take place at Poor David’s Pub.

There are 5 bands scheduled to play:
· Fatty Lumpkin
· Brett Randell
· 2 Dollar Sound
· Shuttle
· Bronze Whaler

Each on of these bands has a very unique sound compared to the other one. Because of this, the deciding factor will be based upon the musical preference of the crowd.

My top pick to win, would Brett Randell, based off of what I can hear on MySpace. He has a sound that is a mixture of pop, acoustic, Hawaiian, reggae, and folk. Along with the beats of the songs, he has a unique voice that seems to sticks in your mind.

A huge contrast from the other bands, which are extremely “electronic,” “funk,” and “rock;” Brett Randell is a refreshing reminder of how some people embrace their talent, and display their soul for all to see with, the only protection being an acoustic guitar.

I will be at the Waka Winter Classic on Saturday to see how these bands perform live. In addition to Randell, I am also excited to see 2 Dollar Sound and Bronze Whaler. Both of which, are tied as a close second of my pick of the evening.

Stay tuned to hear my take on the night, and for a winner announcement for those of you unable to be there.


  • Pam 5 years ago

    I want to go to this, but it doesn't look likely due to other commitments... I'm going to try, but if not I look forward to your review!

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