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The wait is ova! Rhianna's single and sexy cover pic are here


OK can we say HOTT!

Rhi Rhi has came back in rare form hasn't she? I'm not feeling this barbwire,showing boobies get up but that's my might like it.

But I have to admit I LIKE the song "Russian Roulette". Ne-Yo wrote the song and I'm shocked she came out with something slower than her usual upbeat songs.

Go to her twitter page

Link to her song "Russian Roulette"


  • matt 5 years ago

    rhianna is sexy.i love this song.
    she should've been naked

  • MissToreeBaby 5 years ago

    I have to admit, I liked the song on my 1st listen; it reminds me of a "James Bond" movie themed song e.g "Diamonds Are Forever'. She sings it well. However, I'm not feeling that whole S&M gear she's sporting only because like it or not, she has a very young fan base of kids who follow everything she does (short of getting beat down.) Her insistence on portraying herself in this "dark" negative manner on her album & promo materia, loses cool points with me. I won't be supporting her because I feel it's important for an artist of her caliber, to realize the impact they have on younger people. Sorry to say, she's being selfish