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And The Voice Winner is... Tessanne Chin

Tessanne Chin
Tessanne Chin

To the surprise of absolutely no one, Tessanne Chin won this year's season of The Voice.

The winner was announced in the last ten minutes of the show, so the other hour and forty minutes was filled by guest singers, bands, finalist duets with guest singers and group sings, 'bring backs' of past contestants chosen by one of the three finalists. Jacquie made the coolest move of the night by bringing back Cole, James, Matthew, Caroline and to sing a perfectly executed version of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody," with Cole hitting some mighty high falsetto notes and playing the guitar solo. The other highlight was when Tessanne brought out Cole, Jonny, Caroline, Gray and Austin to sing Sam and Dave's "Hold On, I'm Coming."

Celine Dion, Ne-Yo, Paramore, One Republic and Aloe Blacc also performed, Celine dueted with Tessane and Paramore with Jacquie, Ne-Yo and Celine did an outstanding duet of "Incredible." Aloe Black and Will Champlin had a nice balance on "Wake Me Up," by Avicii. Lady Gaga and Christina pulled out every stop there is known to divas on "Do What You Want." Yawn. The crowd went nuts.

When they finally announced that Tessanne was the winner, she lost it, crying and shaking, her mother and husband came onstage, it was a completely emotional moment, and then Carson said, "We've got business still" or something to that effect, meaning she had to sing the final song of the night, which she bravely did. They ought to change that part of the show, just let the winner stand there and bask in the well deserved applause.

And Tessanne Chin deserved every clap, hoot and holler. She's a remarkable singer and she seems to be a genuinely nice person besides. Her voice is one we'll all be hearing in the future.