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'The Voice' Top 12 live results recap: The first two singers sent home are...

The Voice Top 12 live results recap
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Tonight (April 22, 2014) the first live results show for the new season of “The Voice” aired as the Top 12 faced the voters to see who would stay and who would go. Last night’s live show saw some good performances, some average performances, and some technical difficulties. With the exception of Josh Kaufman, nobody really did great on iTunes charts so it was anybody’s guess which two singers would be sent home.

Starting the night out Team Adam took the stage to sing Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer.” As always these group performances are hit or miss (mostly miss), but they have to do something to fill the full hour. After they finish the song Carson Daly announces that Josh Kaufman and Kat Perkins are both safe. No big shockers there.

After a commercial break we found out Audra McLaughlin and Kristen Merlin were both safe as well. I am glad to see Kristen saved. She had her microphone go out halfway through her song last night and held it together well. I’m a little surprised with Audra. I thought she was one of the weaker performers last night.

Next up Shakira brings the sexy and performs “Empire” then we get a glimpse of some of the charity work she does. Honestly, I wish they would just keep her on the show full time. She is funny, smart, passionate about the show and talented. Rumors are Gwen Stefani will be replacing Christina Aguilera next season while Christina takes some time off with her pregnancy. Nothing against Gwen, I think she is great, but I think they should just keep Shakira on if she wanted it.

After the Shakira spotlight we find out Delvin Choice and Jake Worthington are both safe. Jake then joins the rest of Team Blake on stage to do a version of Travis Tritt's "Put some Drive in Your Country." It is actually kind of fun. After their performance, we find out Christina Grimmie, Sisaundra Lewis and Bria Kelly are all safe. All three were good and at times great last night.

This means your bottom three were composed of T.J. Wilkins, Dani Moz and Tess Boyer. Each of the bottom three got a chance to sing for their survival. After all three performed the viewers tweeted who they want to save. T.J. was up first with a version of Goo Goo Dolls' "I'll Be Your Crying Shoulder." Next up Dani took on Adele's "Turning Tables." She was followed by Tess singing Kelly Clarkson's "Dark Side." With the singing done, it was time wait as the five minute tweet-off began.

The coaches each gave their thoughts and made a case for their singers while the tweets were counted then Carson announced that Tess is America's choice and is saved. This means the first two singers voted off on this season of "The Voice" are T.J. Wilkins and Dani Moz.

There you have it folks. "The Voice" Top 10 are in place and will take the stage live next Monday to once again sing for your votes, tweets, and downloads.

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