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'The Voice:' The winner is crowned

Josh Kaufman contestant on The Voice
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

On Tuesday night the winner of “The Voice” was named, but there of course were many performances, several confessionals from the contestants and the mentors alike, also the good-nature teasing between Adam and Blake always entertaining and amusing.

The anticipation as the moment got nearer grew and was latent on all involved coaches and performers, many special musical stars took the stage in celebration of the best finale yet on this show. And the question was there, would Adam get his third win, would Blake win his fourth time, or would Usher dethrone them both and a new winning coach be crowned?

Many performers who had been eliminated returned invited from their fellow artists who wanted to sing along with them and share in the festivities, the exhilaration continued and the excitement was latent. It was great to see how close the performers and coaches had become, with mutual respect and admiration. Blake and Jake’s relationship evidently will go beyond the show, they have such camaraderie and for some reason appear to be so much like, not only because of their mutual love for country music, but they sincerely appear to be related; even though they are not obviously.

Then finally the moment everyone had been waiting for arrived and standing on stage were Jake, Josh, and Christina ready for the results that would change one life forever, their families also held their breaths in anticipation. Carson Daly announced that he would name the performer in third place and it was Christina Grimme and Adam Levine could only nod graciously, and then as the remaining 2 singers stood with arms over each other’s shoulders, Usher appeared as though about to collapse were it not for the seat he sat on and Blake just buried his face in his hands and the winner was Josh Kaufman, and the crowd roared as the confetti flowed and it was without question the most fascinating comeback of one who could have been eliminated had Usher not stolen him during the battle rounds.

Congratulations Josh Kaufman, wish you the best and as you hoped to have this win for your family, you have definitely made them proud and your lives will never be the same, -in a good way of course-. This was the best season yet of this singing show that year after year continues to surprise and amaze with talent that could go unnoticed, had this stage not been created.

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