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'The Voice:' The final 5 rocked the house

Usher mentor on The Voice
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Clear Channel)

On Monday night’s episode of “The Voice”, the top 5 singers performed 2 songs each, 1 chosen by their mentors and the other picked by the performer his or herself, and to single anyone out would be unfair to others.

Kristen Merlin sang both a country and a ballad and in both performances her vocals were outstanding and her stage presence captivating and reminiscent of a true artist. Josh Kaufman week after week gives renditions that are heartfelt and so mesmerizing, that viewers are left hungry for more of this magnificent voice that at times can be so mellow and at others just bring the roof down without much effort.

Kat Perkins such a rocker, who can also bring the house down with vocals that reminds of being in a concert, surrounded by thousands of fans and the lights and sound just making the audience cheer with delight and bravado. Jake Worthington in his own unique way a great performer whose tone is gentle and yet thunderous at times, whether a country music fan or not, without question he is a fascinating performer. And then there is Christina Grimme, so young and yet when on stage she transforms into a seasoned and mature performer that commands the spotlight and lets everyone know who is charge, her vocals are flawless and her stage presence is fascinating and that of a true artist.

Tonight based on votes 2 performers will go home, and regardless of who those are, it will be a loss because after last night’s show there is no second best, all these 5 artists without question can be the winner of “The Voice”, the bottom 2 will be decided solely on which artists have the most fans who at the end cast their vote; not because of a lack of talent.

“The Voice” runs on Monday and Tuesday at 8 p.m. EDT on NBC.

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