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'The Voice:' Ten fascinating singers perform

Shakira mentor on The Voice
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Last night on “The Voice” viewers bore witness to awesome vocals from the contestants who are indeed on top of their game. But yes, there were highlights, such as Josh’s rendition of the classic “This Is It”, with his unique raspy voice and arrangement made this song his own and performed it flawlessly. Also, there was Kat’s performance of the Stevie Nicks original “Landslide”, and this rendition was not only engaging and captivating but without question one for the ages.

And of course Tess’ performance of “Ain’t It Fun” can’t be left out, her vocals are fascinating and boggles the mind to think that she was in the bottom 3 last week.
It can’t be said that there are bad singers in this competition, but instead some are just a bit more spectacular than others and their stage presence is latent in their performances. It is up to America to decide which contestants are saved tonight, and for lack of fans or votes which 2 are sent home.

Christina’s rendition of “Hold On, We’re Going Home” was out of this world, she is a powerhouse and kept the audience captivated and cheering for her just a few seconds after the first few lines were sang. Bria’s performance of “I’m With You” was fascinating as well and with Usher’s mentoring and pushing his performers to exceed their own expectations, she will go far in this competition without doubt.

Jake's rendition according to the judges was magnificent and as flawless as any performance could be and for country music fans, Jake could definitely be the next star. Delvin’s performance was in your face, no holds barred a consummate performer who has an undeniable stage presence and grabs a hold of the audience and does not let go until he is done and leaves viewers wanting more. Kristen’s voice is fascinating and most definitely she will go far in the music industry. And to close the show was Sisaundra with no other than the Steve Perry’s classic “Oh Sherrie” and what a performance it was, she put her own spin on this timeless classic and without question came out a winner.

“The Voice” runs on Monday and Tuesday at 8 p.m. EDT on NBC.

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