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'The Voice': Team Adam's Tessanne Chin talks making to the semi-finals

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If you're watching NBC's “The Voice” this season, you have no doubt noticed the vocal talents of Jamaican native Tessanne Chin. Week after week the Team Adam artist has proven that she can belt out a diverse range of music from classics to regae to hits by more artists like Katy Perry. Whatever she and her coach worked on succeded with Chin. No surprise now we see her competing in the semi-finals of “The Voice”, and with the strongest team at that. All three members of Team Adam are still in the compeition, which if you do the math, means at least one of them is garanteed to perform in next week's finale as America will get to choose the three out of the five artists remaining as the “Voice” finalists.

Chin says that no matter what happens Tuesday, she has so much to take with her from her experience on “The Voice” and that is what we talked about in a new interview; along with her thoughts on her performance in the semi-finals, the best advice Adam Levine has given her and her reaction to Kelly Clarkson's high praises of her on Twitter!

It's the semi-finals, you've made it so far, are you nervous? Excited?

Tessanne- Definitely nervous and excited. I just can't believe it. This to me is an accomplishment in itself. I think everybody at this point they just want to showcase their best and their last effort. And for me, with Adam as well, there is no saving of your best. You have to put out your best. We're really trying to do something special this week.

You sang so beautifully tonight. And like your coach, Adam said, so gracefully. How did you feel?

Tessanne- I felt like I left everything on the stage. I did my best and I sang my heart out and that's all I can do. I could not think of a better song. I trust my coach. He's awesome.

Kelly Clarkson said on Twitter that you had the best vocals she has ever seen on “The Voice”. How did that you make you feel?

Tessanne- I nearly fell down! I couldn't believe that. Kelly is the one that started all of this for us. I remember watching her in Jamaica win Idol. She is the one that started for me this whole trend of why this is a successful thing, and just to hear her say that, especially getting to sing one of her song's and hear her say that, was just absoutely amazing. It just made me so humble in a way that I was like wow.

Last week you all had a chance to perform two songs, this week you're only doing one. Do you prefer to have one song to focus on or do you prefer to have two performances for America?

Tessanne- Sometimes I think less is more. And I think Adam is right, we've worked very hard to get here so I don't think this week is about not trying to over sing or over produce anything. This song, “Bride Over Troubled Water” is flawless to me as it is and that's why I think it's a classic because it's a beautiful song. It's just about getting up there with a mike and singing a beautiful song. At the end of the day, if I can move you with a big orchestra, that's wonderful, but if I can move you with just a mic, and the least amount of backing then I think that's magical.

How is Team Adam handling the fact that you all three are going strong and going to the semi-finals together? Has Adam changed the way he is coaching to try to keep you all in as long as possible?

Tessanne- He's just super proud. I think also it's added pressure because I don't think that's every been done before on the show. So it's added pressure for us to continously say hey this is why we're still here. This is where the team we have the ability to take it all the way. I feel very proud to be a part of Team Adam.

Who would you love to collaborate with?

Tessanne- I absoutely love Emelie Sande. I love Beyonce. I think she's awesome. But then I love people like Pink as well. And I would love to do something with Adam. For sure. He's awesome. He's genuine. And he has a genuine passion and a fire. When he talks about music, you see it. There's something very kind of nurturing as well, but also tough about him. Because you want to please him and you want to get a positive response from him but you have to work. So I appreciate his honesty. He is really invested in his team. He really puts the time in.

What is the best piece of advice he has given you?

Tessanne- Just to always kind of put yourself into the music. Put yourself into what it is you're doing. If I can make you feel what I'm singing, because I know for me that's what I want to achieve and he's been helping me with that since the first time.

Are you able to soak in everything or are you just kind of in a whirlwind and just taking it day by day?

Tessanne- I think it's a little bit of both. I think if I were to truly soak it in, it would scare me and I think that's kind of my way of protecting myself. I just say okay today this is what we have on the schedule and I'm going to work on my song. Because if I were to kind of think about it too much, I'd go crazy. I've never been anything like this before. It's a completely different level. Everybody has an opinion. Everybody has thoughts about what you should do, what you shouldn't do.

You've done a good job and Adam has as well of representing your Jamaican culture on the show. Is that a direction you would like to grativate more towards after the show is over, or do you feel a direction towards pop?

Tessanne- In Jamaica, that's the kind of music I did and the kind of music I do. But for me, that's why I came here-because I wanted to break out and do something different. I love reggee. I have nothing but respect for reggee. But at the end of the day, I want an international career. And I don't think it's right to say just because I come from Jamaica I have to sing reggee. Obviously, I think any type of music I decide to do in the future will have an island swag to it because that's part of me, but to put a label on it, to say oh well I'm going to do this because I have to is not right. Will I continue to make regae music? Probably, for my culture and my country. But I never want to be put in that box. That's the whole reason I wanted to do this show; carry out of that and reinvent what music I was into now.

What is the most valuable thing you think you will take from this journey?

Tessanne- I think for me the most valuable thing is the belief that I now have in myself. That wow, look how far, and don't get me wrong it's not me that has done this, it's obviously the American people that have voted me through, but just it has given me such a confidence boost to know that. Because when you're told all your life, 'Oh you're good. You're good.' And you're like but why am I still struggling? Why am I not getting anywhere? If I'm so good, why am I still on this treadmill running and working but not getting anywhere? And to finally feel like I'm scratching the surface of something here. And to hear people like Ms.Christina Aguilera say positive things to you; or Blake Shelton, or Cee-Lo, or Adam, you can't help but come away from it feeling like well, wow maybe I do have something and I'm never going to let go of that feeling ever again. I'm never going to doubt my abilities or myself again no matter what happens from here on out. I'm going to know that well I have something. I don't know what it is but it's something. So that's what I'll take away from this. And the importance of hard work. The importance of just hard work and committing fully to something.

If you could go back in time and spend a day in the life of anyone from history, who would it be and why?

Tessanne- There are so many. I think of Mr.Nelson Mandela. But then I also think of people like Marilyn Monroe. I think of people like Princess Diana or Ghandi or Bob Marley. And Audrey Hepburn. I think of what were they thinking? Because when I watch interviews, and reading Mr.Mandela's quotes; my god they had to get an insight from extreme situations. That wisdom didn't just come from a life just easy. And that's why I say I'm sad that he's gone but I'm glad because he can rest now. He did a great job. He lived a life well-lived. And you know what a lot of people don't realize, Marilyn was a smart girl. She was a very smart lady.

Keep up with Tessanne Chin on Twitter- @Tessanne



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