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'The Voice': Season 6's top 8 contestants are revealed

Team Usher - Josh Kaufman, T.J. Wilkins, and Bria Kelly
Team Usher - Josh Kaufman, T.J. Wilkins, and Bria Kelly
Photo by Valerie Macon

Tonight, April 29, Carson Daly made a big announcement to start “The Voice” results show: Pharrell Williams and Gwen Stefani will be joining the show as coaches next season, and they will each perform next week. Then, Usher and his team, Bria Kelly and Josh Kaufman, performed “Always On the Run.”

Carson gathered the top 10 contestants on stage. He told Christina Grimmie, from Team Adam, that she was safe. He also revealed that Sisaundra Lewis, from Team Blake, was through to next week.

Carson asked Adam his strategy for the rest of the competition, and he said to listen to his team to help them become the best they could be. Carson asked Shakira if she was nervous, and she said it was hard to see one of her contestants leave last week, but she was happy to be there and support her artists. He asked Usher how confident he is in Josh and Bria, and he said very confident – if they make it, they’ll never slip up again. He asked Blake how important song choice is, and he said it is everything.

Carson gathered everyone once more and told Kristen Merlin, from Team Shakira, that she was safe. Josh Kaufman, from Team Usher, was also into the top eight.

Shakira sang “The One Thing” off her album with her remaining team members, Kristen and Tess. Then, it was time for more results. Carson revealed that Audra McLaughlin, from Team Blake, and Delvin Choice, from Team Adam, were also through to next week.

They showed behind-the-scenes footage of the contestants before Carson revealed this week’s bottom three. Jake Worthington, from Team Blake, was safe, but Bria Kelly, Tess Boyer, and Kat Perkins received the last amount of votes.

Bria Kelly performed “Crazy On You.” Blake thought Bria had always been one of the front-runners and the favorites, and he hoped what she just did would get her back in. Usher felt hopeful and said he really enjoyed working with her.

Tess Boyer was up next, with “Who Knew.” Adam told Tess she is an amazing singer, and there is no one left at this point who isn’t. He suggested they change the rules and not have anyone go home. Usher was happy to see Tess had made it this far and said it was a great performance. Shakira was devastated to see Tess up there again and truly felt she has one of the most unique voices in the competition.

Kat Perkins went with “Paris Ooh La La” to try to win America’s save. Blake said if that didn’t buy her next week, he didn’t know what the hell would. Usher said it was completely up to America, it was a popularity contest, and it was a great performance. Adam thought Kat deserved to go all the way and wanted her to beat the odds by not going home next week.

Carson went to Usher to ask why America should save Bria – he didn’t think her story was finished. Shakira told Tess they gave it their all and told her she would always be there for her. Carson then revealed that America had instantly saved Kat Perkins, meaning Tess Boyer and Bria Kelly were eliminated this week.

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