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'The Voice': Season 6's top 10 contestants are revealed

Adam Levine, one of the coaches on 'The Voice'
Photo by Michael Kovac

Tonight, April 22, “The Voice” eliminated the first two of its top 12 contestants during the live results show. Carson Daly introduced the judges and explained the Instant Save before they showed the replay of last night’s performances. Then, Adam joined his team to perform “Sledgehammer.”

Carson invited the entire top 12 out on stage. He revealed that America had saved Josh Kaufman, from Team Usher, and Kat Perkins, from Team Adam. Kristen Merlin, from Team Shakira, and Audra McLaughlin, from Team Blake, were also safe.

Shakira performed “Empire.” They rolled footage of Shakira and her team volunteering – the four of them had spent time painting with young children at a school. Carson then announced that Delvin Choice, from Team Adam, was safe. Jake Worthington, from Team Blake, was also into the top 10.

Blake joined his team and performed “Put Some Drive in Your Country.” Carson gathered the remaining contestants who had yet to hear their results. He told them America had saved Bria Kelly, from Team Usher; Christina Grimmie, from Team Adam; and Sisaundra Lewis, from Team Blake. That left two contestants from Team Shakira – Dani Moz and Tess Boyer, along with T.J. Wilkins, from Team Usher, to battle for America’s Instant Save.

T.J. Wilkins sang “I’ll Be.” Adam told him it wasn’t a fun place for T.J. to be, but he had always been a fan of him. However, he didn’t want to see Shakira lose two of her team members, so he said it was going to be hard.

Dani Moz was up next, with “Turning Tables.” Blake said he had never seen her do anything less than what she just did, and it was brilliant. Shakira had a hard time seeing Dani there knowing how committed she is and asked America to give her another chance.

Tess Boyer wrapped up the final performances, with “Dark Side.” Usher said it was incredible, and they do what they need to in their darkest hour. He added that he was rooting for her. Shakira was surprised to see her up there, because she nailed it last night.

Carson gathered T.J., Dani, and Tess on stage and explained how the Instant Save would work. Shakira told her team they started out as singers, but they had become artists. If they kept at it, she felt they would be unstoppable and wished them the best of luck. Usher told T.J. and Tess he was rooting for them both, after having Tess on his team for a short time. He wanted America to save his guy. Finally, Carson revealed that America had saved Tess, sending Dani and T.J. home this week.

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