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'The Voice' Season 6: 'Live Top 10 Performances Show' recap

Team Adam - Christina Grimmie, Delvin Choice, and Kat Perkins
Photo by Valerie Macon

Tonight, April 28, Carson Daly kicked off “The Voice” by introducing each of the coaches. He also announced that Rixton was going to perform their single, “Me and My Broken Heart.” The group then took the stage.

Kat Perkins was up first, with “Landslide.” Blake thought it was refreshing to see Kat break it down and do a performance like that to show her softer side. Usher said she executed with precision, and the performance was like a winding road. Shakira didn’t know Kat had that in her, and she could see she was inspired by Stevie Nicks. Adam was so happy they got to share the song and said Kat is a blissfully perfect, amazing singer he is glad to have on his team.

After being instantly saved by America last week, Tess Boyer was back this week with something to prove, as she sang “Ain’t It Fun.” Adam said Tess looked comfortable, and they got to hear the side of her voice they had been missing. Blake challenged someone to find one part of that performance that wasn’t dead-on pitch perfect. Usher agreed with Blake. Shakira was so happy and proud and told Tess she killed it.

In between the performances, Carson moderated Twitter and the typical banter between Blake Shelton and Adam Levine. This time, Blake meant business: he tweeted out Adam’s personal cell phone number. Adam didn’t believe him at first, but he later warned Blake that he had it coming, and that was not cool at all when his phone was constantly ringing.

Audra McLaughlin took on “You Lie.” Usher told Audra it sucks that he can’t do that, and the performance took her to another plateau as an artist. Shakira said Audra wasn’t going anywhere and would be in the top five this week. Adam said it was a world class vocal performance and was as good as any performance can be ever. Blake said Audra grabbed everyone and made them pay attention to her with that performance.

Josh Kaufman sang “This Is It.” Shakira thought soulful renditions might be his sweet spot, and he was really impressive. Adam regretted his decision to let him go and was very angry, but he told Josh this was good news for him – he loved him because of his unique and powerful voice, along with his tone. Blake said if he wasn’t looking, he could have sworn he was listening to a record. Usher was blown away by Josh’s unique voice and accurate execution of the notes.

Christina Grimmie performed “Hold On, We’re Going Home.” Blake said Adam got even with him for the “phone number thing.” He thought Christina did what they all hoped to accomplish as coaches and artists – going from singers to artists. Usher said making the song her own wouldn’t only make Drake proud, but it’d also earn her a spot in the finals. Shakira said it was Christina’s best performance by far, and her personality was starting to come through. Adam added that the vocal performance was incredible, and she fearlessly made the artistic choice to do the song her own way.

Jake Worthington sang “Run.” Usher was proud of Jake for coming out and performing every week, and he goes up there with a great spirit. Shakira felt Jake had come so far in the competition and was a real contender. Adam commented on Jake being a pleasant and wonderful guy. He said Jake tells them a story. Blake added that it was a solid performance technically, he lays his heart on the stage, and he is always Jake.

Blake admitted to feeling bad about giving Adam’s cell phone number, so they played footage of Blake answering the phone during the commercial break. Adam told Blake to keep his phone and said it was his burden now. He also said his revenge would include a fork, small spaces, and human poop. (Hmm).

Bria Kelly sang “I’m With You.” Shakira thought the song allowed Bria to challenge herself on a different level and display her vocal ability. Adam wanted to be critical because Bria is one of his favorites – he didn’t feel she was totally connected to the song, and he wanted to see more of the things he loved about her. Blake said it was like a completely different artist up there and didn’t hear anything bad. Usher said it was the type of performance that took Bria away from her standard. She needed to continue to grow in the competition.

Delvin Choice sang “Bright Lights.” Blake said Delvin keeps taking it to the next level with his power and passion. Usher thought it was a step outside what he normally does, and he brings out the gospel every time. Adam said they tried to do something the audience wasn’t expecting and use them in the song, and they were shocked.

Kristen Merlin was up next, with “Let Her Go.” (No mic problems this week). Adam was so happy the mic stayed on the entire time and said she was always really good. Blake wasn’t sure when he heard she wasn’t singing a country song, but that was his favorite performance from her so far. Shakira saw a true artist on stage and added that Kristen had grown so much in such little time.

Sisaundra Lewis closed the show with “Oh Sherrie.” Usher said the cheering audience was speaking for everyone at home, and she gave an incredible performance. Adam told everyone to look up and joked that there used to be a roof in there, but it was gone – they were going to need a new roof, but he thanked Sisaundra for blowing it off. Blake said she sang the crap out of the song and made him look so smart. Adam chimed in and said she achieved something so rare.

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