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'The Voice' Season 6: 'Live Semi-Final Performances' recap

Usher opened “The Voice” tonight, May 12, with the world premiere performance of his new single, “Good Kisser.” His fellow coaches gave him a standing ovation. Carson Daly checked in with Mark Wahlberg and Nicola Peltz, who were in the audience to discuss their roles in the upcoming film “Transformers: Age of Extinction.”

Adam Levine
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images
Team Adam - Christina Grimmie, Delvin Choice, and Kat Perkins
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

Kristen Merlin was up first, with “Gunpowder and Lead.” Adam said that was just another example of how far she had come and added that she deserved to be there. Blake talked about his wife, Miranda Lambert, writing a performing the song, and how she was mad, but Kristen was smiling and laughing about the song. Usher thought it was incredible and great. Shakira said Kristen rocked the stage, and she was so proud of her.

Josh Kaufman sang “All Of Me.” Shakira told Josh he has such a gift for reaching people with romantic songs, and he always manages to deliver consistently good, solid performances. Adam said Josh keeps getting better and better every time and has really flourished on Usher’s team. Blake thought it was beautiful and powerful, and there was no question that he would be in the finale. Usher said Josh is always able to establish an emotional connection with the audience, and he was glad America got to see it.

Kat Perkins was up next, with “Chandelier,” which Adam selected for her. Blake said Kat does everything right to move forward and didn’t know what else she could do that would be better. Shakira liked that Kat did her own thing. Adam said Kat is one of the best singers they have ever had on the show and has fought her way through two eliminations.

Jake Worthington took on “Good Old Boys.” Usher thought Blake had a chance to win with Jake, and even though he doesn’t like country music, Jake sold him on the performance. Adam said he is a genuine, great singer and was happy to see the right people in the competition. Blake said he couldn’t be prouder of the performance and wanted America to know that Jake is the real deal.

Christina Grimmie sang Adam’s pick, “Hide and Seek.” Usher said he was a bit disconnected at the beginning, until she started singing without the vocoder. Shakira thought it was pretty cool and enjoyed it. She was rooting for her because she represents the little people who have power, like Shakira. Adam said he and Christina were sick of all the things people were doing on the show, and he was trying to push things with his team to surprise people.

Usher chose “Love Runs Out” for Josh. Adam could barely get a word in over the cheering audience and told Josh he is amazing. Blake said Josh has so much command and control that it’s like he has the song by the throat. Usher thought Josh came out and left it all on the stage, and he was so proud.

Kat Perkins took on “Let It Go,” which she dedicated to the kids she nannies for back home. Blake said Kat never has a miss-step and never lets him down when he is waiting for the big moment in the song. Usher said she killed it, and Shakira thought it was an unexpected pick for her, but it allowed Kat to show off another side. Adam didn’t know what else to say and said it does not get better than Kat when it comes to vocals.

Shakira’s pick for Kristen was “Foolish Games.” Blake thought it was the most connected he had ever seen Kristen be with a lyric. Usher said it was a good moment for Kristen and felt Shakira was pushing her in the right direction. Shakira told Kristen she had chills, and she narrates stories with such emotion.

Christina Grimmie dedicated “Some Nights” to her home state of New Jersey. Blake thought it was the biggest departure from anything she had done, but he loved it. Usher said it was an amazing moment for her. Shakira told Christina that regardless of what happened, she should continue as an artist because of how creative she is. Adam was proud of Christina for sticking to her guns and doing what she loved.

Jake closed the show out with “Heaven.” Shakira said it was really different and refreshing – she enjoyed it. Adam liked it, and Usher chimed in to tell everyone that Jake pushed through his vocal problems to perform. Blake respected that about him and was so proud of him.

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