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'The Voice' Season 6: 'Live Final Performances' recap

Tonight, May 19, “The Voice” started off with a recap of how each of the three finalists – Christina Grimmie, Josh Kaufman, and Jake Worthington – made it to the final three. Carson announced that America had also voted on their favorite songs for each of the contestants to perform.

Christina Grimmie
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images
Adam Levine, one of the coaches on 'The Voice'
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

America’s choice for Christina Grimmie was her original audition song of “Wrecking Ball.” Blake wasn’t surprised at all that America chose that song for her, and he was glad they picked it because that is the Christina he gets excited about every time she is up on stage. Usher said that song takes him back to when he tried to fight for her to be on his team. Shakira thought Christina is the one with the highest register, and she knocked it out of the park. Adam was so proud of her and felt like he was at her concert.

Josh Kaufman joined with his coach, Usher, to sing Sting and the Police’s “Every Breath You Take.” Usher said that even though they were working together for the last time on the show, they wouldn’t be working together for the last time in his career.

Jake Worthington was up next, with America’s pick of “Don’t Close Your Eyes,” also his original audition song. Usher said he made it all the way to the end because of hard work and good coaching before congratulating him on another amazing performance. Shakira felt Jake had gained credibility from performances like that. Adam said Jake always impresses them and has been fun to watch. Blake told Jake he has so much respect for him.

Shakira and Blake took the stage together to perform their collaboration, “Medicine.” The song is available on Shakira’s self-titled album.

For Josh, America chose “Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours,” which is the song that got him stolen by Usher and sent to his team. Shakira said no one could ever get bored listening to him sing, and thank God Usher stole him. Adam joked that Josh was twisting the knife by reminding him of the night he lost him from his team. Blake told Josh he sang and ad-libbed the crap out of the song. Usher wanted to change the idea of “The Voice” with Josh.

Christina Grimmie took the stage with her coach, Adam. The two performed Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know.”

Jake sang Bryan Adams’ “Wherever You Go.” Usher thought it was a spotless performance. Shakira was loving the countrified versions of beloved songs. She and Adam commented on the new twangs and cries in Jake’s voice, and Adam wanted Jake to teach him. Blake said in six seasons of the show, he didn’t know if there had ever been a more sincere messenger of the lyric.

Adam and Usher performed D’Angelo’s “Untitled (How Does It Feel).” Jake joined with his coach, Blake, to perform “A Country Boy Can Survive.”

Christina sang “Can’t Help Falling in Love.” Blake thought it sounded great, and covering Elvis is one of the biggest chances you can take on the show. Usher said it was really courageous to go after a song like that. Shakira said it was flawless, and she was in complete awe. Adam agreed that it was flawless and predicted she would win the show.

Josh closed the show with “Set Fire to the Rain.” Adam ran out of time from the crowd cheering and told Josh he is super amazing. Usher said that throughout the process, Josh wanted to represent soul. He added that this is the representation of what “The Voice” is.

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