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'The Voice's' Paulina Cerrilla talks world premiere of her movie 'String Theory'

Paulina Cerrilla stars as Aurora in this poster for the short film 'String Theory,' which has its world premiere Friday.
String Theory The Movie

The Voice's Paulina Cerrilla is about to be in the spotlight for something other than singing. She stars as Aurora in the short film String Theory, which is about to have its world premiere this Friday at the Hollyshorts Film Festival in Hollywood. In anticipation of the big night, we reconnected with Paulina on Thursday to discuss the movie and the other big plans she has for the remainder of 2014.

"We were just trying to fund it on Kickstarter, and now the film is having its premiere at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood, which is so huge!" she enthused. "The Voice's season four premiere was at the Chinese Theater, so if this is at the same kind of level, I'm so excited. I wasn't expecting it to be that huge and to be part of such a huge festival."

String Theory focuses on three singer-songwriters (played by Paulina, Abraham Benrubi, and Thien Nguyen) whose separate stories eventually intersect for a life-changing moment. It'll premiere at the NCL Chinese Theatre at 7:30 PM on Friday night, and tickets for the screening are $15; you can pick yours up now here. The film's soundtrack has also just arrived on iTunes, featuring original music from Paulina and her co-stars.

Paulina is hoping that Friday's debut will lead to more opportunities for the movie that's been a passion project of hers since last year. "I do know that once this kicks off it's going to be launching onto the film festival circuit. There's going to be a few screenings at other film festivals, and hopefully more good things come from [the premiere]," she said. "This is a short film, so maybe there's a chance for a feature film. It really just depends on how much people fall in love with it and the opportunities that come from it."

But String Theory is not the only iron she has in the fire for the rest of the year. "I have a lot of exciting things going on," she told us. "I have two films. One of them, I already got done filming and we're in post-production right now. There's going to be another one that we haven't started filming yet.

"I signed with AwesomenessTV, so basically I'm working with them, as far as like the Internet goes. They're a big channel on YouTube; they create their own content and they do a lot of celebrity news [and] pop culture stuff. I'm really, really excited to be working with them.

"I have a deal with CoverGirl cosmetics which, we started launching some videos. I'm like their beauty guru for [the] English and Latin American markets. I'll basically teach young girls how to apply CoverGirl makeup, and send out a positive message.

"Of course, my music is definitely coming," she added. "I'm also writing songs for other artists; I'm kind of establishing myself as a songwriter. I'm planning on doing the soundtracks for some of the films that I'm doing."

If that sounds like a lot, that's because Paulina made a vow this year to take a big step forward and grab the reins of her career. "There's a point I kind of realized that if I don't get somewhere in life, it completely relies on me," she told us. "No one's going to work as hard as I am for my career. I really decided this year that I would really work as hard as I possibly can."

"Honestly, I'm so happy I'm working," she added. "You know when you get to a point in your life where you're just totally satisfied because you're doing what you love to do and you don't have to worry about everything else? That's kind of the point that I'm at right now."

For more on String Theory, you can visit the film's official website ( For more on Paulina, visit her official website (

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