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'The Voice' results recap & interviews with Sisaundra Lewis & Audra McLaughlin

Audra McLaughlin performs at the playoffs of season six of "The Voice" on NBC.
Audra McLaughlin performs at the playoffs of season six of "The Voice" on NBC.
NBC Universal/The Voice.

It was a big night of big results on “The Voice” Tuesday as the top five were revealed after a major elimination show that sent home three artists instead of the usual two. Based on viewers' votes from Monday night's performances, it was the end of the road tonight for Team Adam's Delvin Choice as well as Team Blake's Sisaundra Lewis and Audra McLaughlin.

Where do the coaches stand now with their teams for next week's semi-finals? Adam Levine is currently in the lead with two artists on his team: Christina Grimmie and Kat Perkins, who was the one saved tonight by the instant twitter save after being in the bottom four. Blake Shelton, Shakira and Usher will each have one contestant competing next week for the chance to be in the finale. After his double loss tonight, Blake Shelton has Jake Worthington to try to get him that fourth Voice win; while Team Shakira will be represented by Kristen Merlin and Team Usher by Josh Kaufman.

I spoke with Sisuandra Lewis and Audra McLaughlin immedtly following the annoucement that their journey on “The Voice” has come to an end. Check out their exit interviews where they share what they learned from their coach Blake Shelton, what they'll take away most from “The Voice” and more!

Audra McLaughlin

What was it like working with your coach, Blake Shelton?

Audra- Blake has always had confidence in me. That was the main thing that really helped me to just go out there and just leave it out there on stage and put my heart out there, because he just believed in me. You can't ask for anything better than having Blake Shelton believe in you; someone so talented like him and such an amazingly genuine person. He just really truly cares about people and especially his artists, so I have definitely a strong feeling that Blake and I will totally keep in touch after this. He told me after the show to promise him that I'll stay in touch and I'll definitely keep that promise because I miss him already! He's such a great person.

What will you take away from this whole experience and from your journey on “The Voice”?

Audra- This whole thing has been literally a roller-coaster for me. But it's honestly taught me to be stronger. I always have been so hard on myself and I think with this whole experience, it helped me just have fun and relax and just enjoy the moment and what I have accomplished. I really just got so much stronger. I can't even explain how amazing this has been because I haven't really gotten the chance to kind of sit back and rmeinince and all the amazing memories that I have had. It's definitely hard but I think that in anything like this-there is only one winner so my goal wasn't to win, my goal was to leave an impression on America and just inspire people.

Who is someone you would like to collaborate with?

Audra- If I had made it next week, we were supposed to do a song with our coach, and I would definitely love to do a collaboration with Blake. That would just be so amazing!

What's next for you?

Audra- Staying with what I've been doing- singing. I just know that I'm not going to quit. I don't quit. I'm just going to keep going and just keep fighting for my music. I see myself as just a straight Country girl. I love Martina McBride. I definitely want my first album to be a lot like her very first album, sound wise. I love ballads and any huge inspirational songs that just really touch people's hearts.

If you could choose the title of your first single right now, what would it be?

Audra- “Love”. Music is what I love. And I have so much to write about; just overall what this experinence means to me and just all that I've gone through and all the people that I have met. So love!

Sisaundra Lewis

What was going through your mind when you were singing your save song?

Sisaundra- Well, I just feel comfortable on stage. The stage it feels like my home when I'm there. It is the most comfortable place for me. Even growing up as a child, being bullied, being the kid that worked in the groves, people always accepted me when I stepped on stage so I always found that comfort zone. When I sang people didn't seem all those things about me and it just kind of erased all the adversity that I had to deal with. So when I'm on stage it feels like home.

What was it like working with Blake Shelton?

Sisaundra- Working with a huge talent like Blake, and him taking my gift and defining it more: just like do this, don't do this, work on this. He has just been pouring all this knowledge into me and I just feel so honored to be able to receive it. He's just unbelievable. And the way he tells you how to do it, you can't help but just go yes, sir.

What is the most valuable thing you will take away from your experience on “The Voice”?

Sisaundra- The most valuable thing I am going to take away from this is I actually had the courage to accept my 15-year-old daughter's challenge to come here and compete. And I have never competed in my life. So it's a statement of saying you can do anything you ever want to do in your life. And for “The Voice” to embrace me and treat me just as well as they have treated every one else regardless of age and anything else, I'm taking away from this the most positive experience that I have probably had in my life to this point.

What's next for you?

Sisaundra- After being on a stage on “The Voice” and having access to so many millions of people weekly, I think many doors will open up. I don't know exactly what is next but I know that god has amazing things in store for me and I am ready to receive that. I definitely want to record an album. I definitely want to perform on a regular basis. Without singing I feel really empty so I hope that I'll be able to do that really soon. But of course, I want to spend some time with my children and hug up on them, and go hang out with my fans who have been so supportive while I have been here in LA; all of my fan base in Central Florida have been so amazing I just want to go see them face to face and say thank you.

Who would you love to collaborate musically with?

Sisaundra- You know, the four coaches that were sitting in front of me are four of the biggest icons in music and of course I would want to collaborate with each and every one of them. I love Usher, I love Blake, I love Shakira, I love Adam.

If you could choose one title right now for your first single, what it would be?

Sisaundra- 'The Joy You Bring'. Life is all about joy and inspiring, and this journey has just been that: to inspire others. Not just the 40+ group, but learning that I'm inspiring even younger people to follow their dreams. It's amazing to be in that position.

For more from "The Voice", check out new interviews with returning coaches Usher and Shakira here!

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