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'The Voice' Recap: The round two battles begin

The Voice Battle Rounds 2

Last night’s all new episode of “The Voice” (originally airing Mar. 31, 2014) brought a new twist to the hit singing show. After surviving the battle rounds, the artists learned that they will be going through a second round of head-to-head battles. With this new twist come some new rules. Each coach gets one steal for this round of battles. The two singers facing off against each other get to choose the song they want to sing and Coldplay’s Chris Martin will be advising all the battle pairings. With the new rules in place, let the battles begin!

The first pairing came from Team Blake and featured Audra McLaughlin against Megan Ruger. The girls chose “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus because they felt it would allow them both to showcase their strengths. It was a little bit of an odd battle. Audra seemed determined to show off that she could hit big notes while Megan was a little over animated. Blake was more impressed with Audra’s vocal ability and chose to keep her.

Next up was Cierra Mickens vs. TJ Wilkins from Team Usher. Cierra was one of Usher’s steals during the first round of battles. They decided to sing “Get Here” by Oleta Adams. It is a natural duet so the song gave them the opportunity to do something special and that is exactly what they did. They had the coaches raving. Usher (wearing an odd fur hat) had good things to say about both singers, but he ended up choosing TJ.

Blake’s second battle of the night put Jake Worthington in the ring against Tess Boyer. Blake stole Tess from Usher so she was eager to impress him and Jake is the singer who didn’t make the show last season and came back for a second chance this season. They chose John Haitt’s “Have a Little Faith in Me.” The battle was passionate and very good. It had the coaches on their feet and Blake agonizing over his decision. Blake decided to stick with Jake and kept him. Tess wasn’t without a team for long as Usher, Adam and Shakira all immediately hit their buttons to steal her. The coaches made their pitches, however, Shakira’s passion struck a chord and Tess chose to go with her.

Adam’s first battle featured Christina Grimmie against Sam Behymer. Vocally these two are very different. The girls picked One Republic’s “Counting Stars” which kind of surprised Adam. They had some trouble overdoing it during rehearsals, but they got it together and put together a good performance. Adam had a very difficult time choosing, but ended up picking Christina. Personally, I think the song was wrong for Sam and if it were me I would have kept her because of her unique tone.

Shakira’s first battle of the night featured Patrick Thomson facing off against Josh Murley. Both singers were stolen by Shakira from Team Adam so they have bonded over that. They decided to sing Bryan Adam’s “Run to You.” The song fit both their voices well and it led to very strong battle. Adam suddenly was a little disappointed that he let them both go. Shakira liked them both, but had to choose one and that one was Patrick.

The last battle of the night came from Team Adam with Delvin Choice and Josh Kaufman getting into the ring. Both guys are soul singers with big voices. They decided to perform “Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours” by Stevie Wonder. The battle was fantastic and had the entire building, coaches included, on their feet. They ended the battle in style and left Adam with a very difficult performance. There was no real loser here other than Adam because he couldn’t keep them both. Adam decided to keep Delvin and before Carson could say it, Usher hit his button and stole Josh.

Tomorrow night the second round of battles continue on an all new “The Voice.”

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