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'The Voice' live show preview: What to expect from the Top 12

The Voice live show preview
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

Tonight (Monday April 21, 2014) at 8 p.m. on NBC “The Voice” live shows begin as the Top 12 take the stage to sing for America’s votes, tweets and downloads. After surviving the blind auditions, two different battle rounds, several steals, and then the all new playoff round, the Top 12 are finally ready to let America take control and decide who stays and who goes.

Going into the live shows it is fair to say that Blake Shelton and Adam Levine both like have a slight advantage. They have both won the show and they have been on the show every season so they know how to help the artists choose songs that can get them get votes, but by no means does that mean one of these two are a lock to win this season. There is enough talent on all four teams for anyone to take it home. We often see someone come out of their shell and make big moves during the live rounds that you didn’t suspect would do so based on earlier performances so it is fair to say anything could happen.

Team Blake with powerhouse singer Sisaundra Lewis is likely the front-runner going into tonight. She has come on strong during the battle rounds and playoffs and has the ability to hit notes that blow you away. Country crooner Jake Worthington also has the potential to go deep. The voters have shown plenty of love to country singers in the past and there is a lot to love about Jake. Rounding out his team is Audra McLaughlin who also brings a country vibe and crisp clear voice. Don’t count her out.

Team Adam has powerful soul singer Delvin Choice, big voiced nanny Kat Perkins and Christina Grimmie. Christina may be a dark horse here. She has cultivated a big fan base on YouTube and has opened up for Selena Gomez so she might be able to pull in a good number of votes from those sources.

Team Shakira features three strong women. Tess Boyer has been stolen a few times and has proved she is resilient and willing to work. She really came into her own in the last few weeks. Kristen Merlin has a big voice and a unique look that could help her get votes. Dani Moz might be Shakira’s best singer. She has shown the ability to sing different types of music very effectively. If she can find songs that show us who she is she could go deep into the competition.

Team Usher might have the best raw talent on the show. T.J. Wilkins personifies smooth R&B. With Usher in his corner he could do big things. Bria Kelly has a raw, edgy voice filled with passion and Josh Kaufman is capable of bringing the house down with every performance. Song selection for these three will be key.

As the Top 12 take “The Voice” stage tonight the power switches to the viewer’s hands, phones, and computers. Tune in at 8 p.m. to see the live performances to vote for your favorite.

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