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'The Voice': Interview with Team Blake's Sisaundra Lewis

Sisuandra Lewis worked as a vocal director for Celine Dion.
Sisuandra Lewis worked as a vocal director for Celine Dion.
NBC Universal/The Voice.

The Voice's” top eight artists gave it their all during Monday's live performance show with every vocalist fighting for a spot in next week's semi-finals. The compeititon especially heated up tonight as three contestants will be sent home tomorrow, instead of the usual two.

And if you're watching the Emmy-award winning musical competition, you're no doubt aware of the power-house talent on Team Blake: Sisaundra Lewis, who opened the show on a great note tonight with a classic Tina Turner hit. “That was exciting! When I walked in and I saw the list of how the show was going to go, I was like, oh my gosh! But then you just try to channel all that nervous energy into something positive,” said Lewis on her reaction upon learning she would be the first performer of the night. “To see how the audience received it and to hear the coaches comments, it was really, really good.”

In addition to great feedback, something else that made tonight's show special for Lewis was having her mother in the audience watching her sing non-Gospel music live for the first time ever. “That was the first time outside of church that she has ever been to any of my performances. This show has brought us together as a family and it warms my heart- to open my eyes and see her. Because every time at my church, she always was that person in the corner that is like: “Sing Sisaundra, sing!” And after all these years of doing that, I missed that. And to be able to see her eyes and her face in the audience while I was performing, along with the rest of America, all the audience there; it just made me want to go harder. It was so motivating!”

Week after week Lewis has been consistent with her strong performances and if she continues on the track she is on, she can definitely earn her coach Blake Shelton his fourth Voice win. A coach that the mother of the two says has changed her as an artist for the better. “Working with a huge talent like Blake [Shelton], and him taking my gift and defining it more: just like do this, don't do this, work on this. He has just been pouring all this knowledge into me and I just feel so honored to be able to receive it,” said Lewis. “He's just unbelievable. And the way he tells you how to do it, you can't help but just go yes, sir.”

Shelton isn't just the only successful talent Lewis has been fortunate to learn from; prior to “The Voice”, she worked as superstar Celine Dion's vocal director. “Celine taught me everything that an artist should be,” said Lewis when asked about the most valuable lesson she took away from working with Dion. “She's very gracious, she's very kind; very open-hearted, and very down-to-earth. I know people would think that a talent of hers would have this iconic personality and ego, but she doesn't have that at all. She comes from a huge family; and all of that you see in her when you work with her and when you're with her. And you see her on stage when she talks to people she's very personable. It was just so great to grow in the music industry and witness that first-hand from an iconic person.”

Whatever “The Voice's” results will be for Lewis Tuesday, it's safe to say we will be hearing about and from her for a long time. And when asked what the title of her first single could be, Lewis's answer proved that it's not just her voice that is big. “My title would be: 'The Joy You Bring', said Lewis. “Life is all about joy and inspiring, and this journey has just been that: to inspire others. Not just the 40+ group, but learning that I'm inspiring even younger people to follow their dreams. It's amazing to be in that position.”

Keep up with Sisaundra Lewis's journey on “The Voice” on Twitter: @Sisaundra

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The Voice” airs Monday and Tuesday at 8pm est on NBC.

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