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‘The Voice’ heats up with team Adam and celebrity performances

‘The Voice’ heats up with team Adam and celebrity performances
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

The end is near for the contestants competing on NBC’s “The Voice” with the final eight battling it out on stage to try to win viewers’ votes. But aside from the performances, judge Adam Levine dyed his hair bleach blonde. For fans who didn’t get a chance to see the artist’s post on social media over the weekend about his new look, they got the chance to see it live on television… Of course, fellow judge and country star Blake Shelton could not resist poking fun at him.

Today, according to People, Shelton thought Levine’s new hair color made him looked a lot like actress Meg Ryan. "That's Adam? I thought Meg Ryan was sitting in with us tonight for a second there," joked Shelton. Adam defended his look by explaining what triggered him to go for a color like that. "I don't have an explanation," Maroon 5’s leading man said. "I woke up. I had the day off and I thought I'd look like Shakira. My mom hates it. I kind of felt like that would happen.” Some fans expressed that the haircut and color reminded them more of Miley Cyrus.

But enough about hair; now let’s move on to the performances. MTV reports that “Team Adam” had put on an electrifying show by singing their hearts out. Kat Perkins and Levine made a bold move by having her perform Daft Punk’s monster hit “Get Lucky” but with more of a heavy metal tune. Of course, the audiences loved it, including the judges.

When it gets close to the end of the competition, performances have been known to become more epic. Which brings us to another member of “Team Adam”: Delvin Choice. Tears were shed when his coach gave Choice a standing ovation after performing R Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly.” With the choir and everything, Choice made the right choice (no pun intended).

And now for the main event: Gwen Stefani and Pharrell teamed up to put on one stellar performance which made people excited for them to be sitting in the judge’s seat next season. Pharrell’s performed his newest hit “Come Get It, Bae” before he teamed up with his long-time friend for another performance. The two stars energized the stage with Stefani’s hit “Hollaback Girl” which Pharrell and Stefani co-wrote.

Hollywood Life also reports that Stefani talked about the origin of the song and working with Pharrell on the “Today Show” by stating she knew what she wanted. “I described it to him… and he’s like, ‘Oh yeah.’ It’s like he had it in there already, but he had forgotten about it. He just does his thing. Like, you know, we were jumping on the couch. We knew (it was) magic.”

So who will make it to the next round? Who will be going home? We will have to see on “The Voice” Tuesday night when three contestants will be sent home.

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