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'The Voice' finale results prediction: Who will make the Top 3?

The Voice
The Voice
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for City Year Los Angeles

Coming into this week I would have said it was just a matter of which of the other three singers on "The Voice" were going to join Josh Kaufman and Christina Grimmie in the finals. Both Josh and Christina had broken into the iTunes Top 10 and had sailed through the competition while the other three had all struggled on the charts to different degrees. It seemed like a forgone conclusion that the winner would end up being either Christina or Josh. Then last night happened (May 12, 2014).

Josh Kaufman was his normal, reliable self. He gave two very strong performances that landed him at #4 and #12 on the iTunes charts. Christina Grimmie, however, didn’t have such a great night. Coach Adam Levine decided to have her mix things up. She did a couple of more obscure songs including one where she sang with a Vocoder. When her performances were met with lukewarm responses by his fellow judges, Adam went on the offensive to defend her. It didn’t help that much. She landed at #18 and #27 on the iTunes charts.

Christina’s slip opened the door for someone else to step in. What seemed impossible a week ago is now a reality. Christina might not even make the finals. Jake Worthington and Kristen Merlin both landed in the iTunes Top 10 this week with Jake barely missing having both his songs in the Top 10 (his second landed at #14).

This shake up should lead to an interesting results show. Only three singers will go on to the finals. My prediction is that Josh Kaufman will make it. He is the only sure thing at this point. I think Jake and Kristen may end up splitting some of the country vote, but Jake had a little better week on the charts so I think he will get into the finals. That leaves Kristen, Christina, and Kat Perkins left for one spot. Kat had an odd week with two strange song choices for her. She didn’t get higher than #31 on the charts so I think it is safe to say she will be out. In the end I think Christina has done enough, and she has a big enough following online, that she will overcome her issues this week and she will still make it into the finals.

So there we have it. My prediction is that Josh Kaufman, Jake Worthington and Christina Grimmie will be "The Voice" finalists for this season. At this point I think it is Josh’s season to lose, but then again I thought that about Christina last week.

Tune in tonight at 8 p.m. on NBC to watch The Voice results show love and find out who is sent home and who will sing for the title next week.

Note: The results are in. Go here to see my recap and find out who made it into the Top 3 (hint, my prediction was pretty accurate.).

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