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'The Voice' finale prediction: This season's winner will be...

The Voice winner prediction
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

If nothing else, it has been an interesting season of “The Voice” and last night’s (originally airing May 19, 2014) final live performance show helped to create a situation in which (for the first time in a few seasons) any of the final three contestants could win the show. In the previous few seasons it had been pretty clear who was going to win with a few weeks left, but this season with miscues from two singers and one coming on strong at the end, it is anybody’s show to win. Tonight’s results show will name a winner and it may surprise some people. Here is my prediction for how it will all go down.

A few weeks ago Christina Grimmie from Team Adam was the clear frontrunner. She had been very good the previous few weeks and looked to be taking over the competition. Then Adam selected a couple of odd songs for her to sing and for the first time she didn’t break into the iTunes Top 10. Meanwhile Jake Worthington did break into the Top 10 and Josh Kaufman had a very good week. Suddenly this season appeared to be a much more even race.

After last week it appeared that Josh Kaufman would help Usher unseat the dynasty that Blake and Adam are building by winning, but at the finish line last night he slipped up. He gave a solid performance, but he didn’t resonate with audiences like in the past and he failed to break into the iTunes Top 10. Christina, on the other hand, was back to form and broke into the Top 5 with her version of the Elvis classic “Can’t Help Falling in Love.”

The most consistent performer of the past few weeks has been Jake Worthington. You could make the argument that this week was his best. His song “Right Here Waiting” got into the iTunes Top 10 while his other two performances from last night came in at #11 and #12 on the chart. It was Jake’s night for sure.

So the question remains. Has Jake done enough to knock off Christina and/or Josh? Perhaps. With Kristen now gone the country fans seem to have embraced Jake and that could mean a lot of votes coming his way. His problem is that Josh and Christina have been piling up iTunes downloads throughout the season while Jake mostly floundered in that area earlier in the season. I think, in the end, that reality is what will keep him from winning.

So will it be Josh or Christina? After the iTunes results from this week they are pretty even on that front. This brings it to online, call in, and text votes. In that arena it is going to be very difficult for Josh to compete. Josh has about 44,000 Twitter followers. Christina has 569,000. Josh has about 30,000 Facebook likes while Christina has 2.5 million. I think she can mobilize an army of fans behind her that he simply can’t.

When you add it all up, I think the writing is on the wall. This season’s winner of “The Voice” will be Christina Grimmie.

Tune in tonight at 8 p.m. to watch the live “The Voice” finale results show to find out if I am correct. Also tonight Coldplay, OneRepublic and Ed Sheeran are scheduled to perform so it should be a fun show with some good music.

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