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'The Voice' finale night one: Coaches on what makes their finalist a winner

Adam Levine, Shakira, Carson Daly, Usher and Blake Shelton.
Adam Levine, Shakira, Carson Daly, Usher and Blake Shelton.
NBC Universal/The Voice.

It was a night of powerhouse performances on The Voice Monday as the top three finalists gave it their all for one final chance to win America's votes. Team Adam's Christina Grimmie, Team Usher's Josh Kaufman, and Team Blake's Jake Worthington each performed three songs on night one of the NBC hit show's finale, as well as a duet with each of their respective coaches. Coaches who couldn't be more proud of their artists and the successful journeys they have had on The Voice.

Following the live show, I asked Blake Shelton and Usher what they learned from their finalists and why they believe they deserve to be crowned the 'Voice'. Check out their responses below!

Blake Shelton on what he learned from Jake Worthington-

“Even though I'm at this point of my career, Country music is still out there, and it still needs to be written and still needs to be performed, and it still should be as exciting for me as it is for him. He reminds me of that everytime I get to work with him. When I see him meet Miranda Lambert and see how excited he is; it's because she's a great artist and she's a great contributor to country music, and she makes a difference, and he respects that about her. That is what reminds me how lucky I am and how spoiled I get to do what I do. There's still other levels to go to and I don't mean success wise, I mean musically and I still want to get there.”

Usher on what makes Josh Kaufman a stand out artist-

“I feel really positive about what I saw happen today and just more of what I feel about Josh. I think he is an incredible talent. Everything that I had to say to him represented what is to be a real artist, and week after week he has shown up and has left it on the stage. I think this would have been his greatest performance throughout the season tonight. He brought it all together. The only left now is to win The Voice and start making his album; that's what I would like to see happen. I would say that Josh is the shining representation of changing the standard for The Voice. I think that from the beginning: him being consistent, and singing, and recognizing and knowing who he wanted to be. Making the scarficies that it took to be here and being dedicated week after week, that's why he deserves it. If you voted for him up to this point, you know why he is where he is. Tonight's performance was just another example of his hard work and dedication. What's cool about him is he can sing any type of a song, as long as it has soul in the middle of it, I think that it will definitely prove to be a real thing for him. I think that he deserves to be the 'Voice'. He has done the work, he has put in the time, and I couldn't think of a better person more deserving to have this opportunity.”

Who do you think should be the season six winner of The Voice?

Part two of The Voice finale airs live Tuesday at 9pm est on NBC. @NBCTheVoice


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