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'The Voice' favorite Pip dishes on his new deal with Bungalo/Universal

You know Pip from season two of NBC's 'The Voice.' Check out these photos of him on 'The Voice Tour,' from shoots after the show, and the cover art for his current single 'Hooked.'
You know Pip from season two of NBC's 'The Voice.' Check out these photos of him on 'The Voice Tour,' from shoots after the show, and the cover art for his current single 'Hooked.'
Courtesy of Much & House PR

Pip was a fan favorite when he competed for Adam Levine's team in season two of NBC's The Voice, and he's continued to work in the music business ever since. Clearly, he made the right decision to skip over pharmacy school! We caught up with Pip recently to discuss the brand-new distribution deal he's signed with Bungalo Records/Universal Music Group Distribution and his surprise guest appearances on select dates of The Voice Tour.

Pip competed as part of Team Adam on season 2 of NBC's 'The Voice' and has recently signed a distribution deal with Bungalo/Universal.
Courtesy of Much & House PR

What does this new venture mean for him? "It's less of like an official label deal and more a marketing and distribution deal," Pip explained. "Back in December, my roommate had stumbled upon this website called Indi, and they had a bunch of different competitions. I ended up submitting a video of [his song] 'Future Dream' - we had a live performance taped already and I put it on there - and won [a] contest. They pulled me into their main offices in Orange County, and we started talking about making a partnership."

"It's kind of the same things, but with some people to help bounce ideas off of. To jumpstart things that we've been trying to do for awhile," he continued. "I got to be a part of The Voice Tour thanks to Indi. That was really fun.

"Now we're working on new videos and music...We're working on the 'Trash Talk' music video right now. I'm not exactly sure when that's going to be released. You can guarantee hearing new music by the end of the year."

It's through this whole turn of events that Pip also started working with Robert "Leo" Rodgers, the Senior Vice President of Bungalo Records/Universal Music Group Distribution. "I first heard about Pip during season two of The Voice, but didn't meet him until my close business associate George Baker introduced him to me as an artist seeking distribution from Bungalo/Universal," Rodgers told us.

"The thing that inspires me about Pip is that he seems to be so driven to succeed in the music business. He put his desires to become a pharmacist, and attend pharmacy school, on hold to pursue his dreams. [He's] talented and driven, and making failure not an option."

So he's making new music and now has avenues to push that music forward; the music video for "Hooked" is already up on VEVO. But that's not all Pip has going for him. As previously mentioned, he was one of the alumni artists who made special drop-in appearances on this summer's The Voice Tour.

"They reached out to like fan favorites," he said, explaining how that came about. "I ended up doing four shows total. It was amazing...It was really exhilarating to be on stage with those guys. It was a pleasure getting on stage with each of them. I was a fan of [season 6 finalist] Christina Grimmie before the show even - and getting to see her live was definitely a highlight of the tour."

These are a lot of exciting new developments for one of The Voice's most beloved artists, but of course once you've got all the tools, it's up to you to make use of them. We asked Pip what would make him consider his new partnership with Indi and Bungalo/Universal a success.

"Seeing how far we can get the next couple singles to go - I think that'll really make me feel like we've been successful," he said. "Getting the song and video into more and more people's lives. [I'm] super excited for that."

"I think the ultimate long-term goal is to be able to help other artists launch successful careers," Pip reflected. "[To] be able to work with them in the studio and help guide them on a path to reaching and impacting as many people as possible!"

Pip's latest single, Hooked, is available on iTunes now. You can also keep up with him via his official website ( and on Twitter (@pip_andrew).

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