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'The Voice:' Exhilarating and disappointing

Shakira mentor on The Voice
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

On Tuesday night’s episode of “The Voice”, tensions were high and the excitement latent on all contestants and mentors alike. The artists each hoping to get a spot on the final 3 after given it their all on Monday night, but unfortunately 2 would be sent home.

The first performer to be sent to the final 3 was Jake Worthington; a country singing sensation that most definitely has earned his place in the competition and without question could be the winner this year. Next artist to be saved and just everyone held their breath, Josh Kaufman and audience, viewers and mentors alike burst out in a collective “yeah!” and applause for this soul full performer, who has a voice unlike any other, a stage presence that dazzles and an overall good person type of vibe that is likeable and his demeanor and love for his family makes him endearing and the favorite to take the win.

That meant that Kristen Merlin from team Shakira, Kat Perkins and Christina Grimme from team Adam would have to perform one more time and hope to be instantly saved by America. The 3 artists gave heartfelt performances that had viewers and audience cheering for them enthusiastically, but only 1 could be saved and whether a fan or not, the fact remains that just about any one of the bottom 3 could have easily been saved. And America instantly saved Christina Grimme, and so Shakira’s remaining performer was sent home, the other coaches have 1 artist each, and next week’s finale will be one of the greatest in this show so far, because in the previous 5 seasons although there have been much talent; a clear winner or front runner has been obvious. This year though, any of the top 3 could take the win, so fans, family and mentors of each individual performer will have to hold their breath until the last second next week when the official winner is declared.

“The Voice” runs on Monday and Tuesday at 8 p.m. EDT on NBC.

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