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'The Voice' battle rounds night three recap: A last minute steals surprises

The Voice Battle Rounds Recap
The Voice Battle Rounds Recap

The battle rounds continued on last night’s all new episode of “The Voice” (airing March 24, 2014). As the night began, Usher said he was waiting patiently to make his first steal while the other judges have all already used steals. Here’s a recap of how the action went down.

First up was Team Adam with Josh Kaufman facing off against Austin Ellis. Adam gave them Pharell’s “Happy” which was right in these two soul singer’s wheelhouse. Both guys did well and seemed pretty evenly matched vocally. The judges and crowd enjoyed it. Adam clearly had a tough choice, but after hearing from his fellow judges, he said he was very proud of both singers, but chose to keep Josh.

The next battle pitted teen duo Alaska & Madi against Audra McLaughlin from Team Blake. They were given “When Will I Be Loved” by Linda Ronstandt. Audra was nervous about going up against a duo, but the duo had some issues working out solos and harmonies. The duo seemed sharper, but Audra had some strong moments of her own. The judges had trouble deciding who they would choose which left Blake struggling. After some deep thought, he chose to keep Audra. It was clear that Adam wanted to steal Alaska & Madi, but he was out steals. He even told Usher he was crazy for not stealing them and went back stage to comfort them.

The third battle of the night featured youth vs. experience from Team Shakira with Deja Hall squaring off against Music Box. The ladies were given The Bengal’s “Eternal Flame” for their performance. It wasn’t an easy song for either singer so they both had to work. Shakira and Miranda Lambert gave both women good advice and it helped produce a very good battle. It came down to the potential of the young Deja and the unique sound of Music Box. After some cryptic hints dropped by Usher, Shakira went with potential and picked Deja. Usher immediately pushed his button and stole Music Box.

Speaking of Usher, his first battle of the night matched two young singers with Madilyn Paige going up against Tanner James. With Jill Scott at his side, Usher chose “Everything Has Changed” By Taylor Swift. Usher pushed them out of their comfort zone in an effort to bring out the best of them. The battle was adorable and charmed everyone in the room. Tanner has a nice voice, but it is pretty clear that Madilyn has potential star quality. Usher had plenty of good things to say about both of them, but had to make a choice, and chose to keep Madilyn.

Duo Dawn & Hawkes took on Josh Murley in Team Adam’s next battle. Adam picked “Stuck in the Middle with You” by Steeler’s Wheel. It’s an interesting song and Adam pushed all of the singers to try something different in their performances. The singers struggled with harmonies during rehearsal, but during the battle – where all three artists played guitars – they pulled things together and put on a fun, interesting performance. It was very close, with nobody really standing out. Adam decided to keep Dawn & Hawkes because he thought he could do more with them going forward. Just as Josh was walking out and saying goodbye to Adam, Shakira hit her button for a last minute surprise steal, giving Josh new life.

The final battle of the night put Bria Kelly and Tess Boyer in the ring for Team Usher. Usher gave them a tough song when he chose Janice Joplin’s “Piece of my Heart.” Usher encouraged them to let loose and not be afraid to be desperate and angry during the performance. The battle was good. Both women gave it their all and while Tess has a nice tone and had some good moments, Bria is a firecracker who seemed to really connect with the song. While he had some nice words for Tess, Usher went with the obvious and chose Bria. As Tess was thanking Usher, both Adam and Shakira were motioning for Blake to hit his button. He did just that and stole her.

This episode of “The Voice” came to an end with Usher being the only artist left with a steal as the coaches get ready to go into the final round of battles.

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