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'The Voice': Audra McLaughlin shares music secrets

Audra McLaughlin
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

Audra McLaughlin is revealing some of her music secrets and is sharing her feelings about “The Voice” with fans. reports on Sunday that the competitor already believes she is living her dream. The college student, who is on team Blake, is using her music to overcome bullying, and she is mentioning how she prepared for the popular music show.

McLaughlin admits she has been a fan of “The Voice” for a long time, and she has carefully studied the show to learn how to audition properly. The season 6 contestant reveals she did not make it during the first season but did not allow this to discourage her. Instead, she focused on developing her skills, learning how to perform better and picking better songs.

The country singer’s methods for improving her audition chances paid off in the sixth season, and her advice about selecting the best song for your voice is recommended by music teachers. Occasionally, talented singers have selected songs that are not a good fit for their voices, and this has cost them the opportunity to appear on the show. McLaughlin managed to find the perfect choice to showcase her talents for “The Voice” while enjoying the selection at the same time.

Her “Angel from Montgomery” selection was enough to attract the attention of all the judges on the show, but she decided to pick Blake Shelton because of his country music background. McLaughlin reveals he has influenced her music before she joined the show, so he seemed to be a natural choice. She has made it to the top 12 list on the program and is now depending on viewers to keep her. The singer has been busy promoting her music online while asking fans to vote for her on the next episode.

McLaughlin is no longer keeping the bullying she suffered in the past a secret, and she hopes her stories will encourage others to stand up. Her music plays an important part in helping her overcome these obstacles. Despite her busy schedule, she still finds time to attend events about stopping bullying in schools. She joined Shaun Young at the Kids Connection Learning Center to discuss her own experiences while encouraging children to avoid peer pressure. The country singer is getting involved with charities that are connected to her interests, and she will be using her music talents to help them.

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