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'The Voice:' Absurd eliminations

Josh Kaufman contestant on The Voice
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

On Tuesday night’s episode of “The Voice”, 3 contestants went home and 5 remain. And to see Sisaundra Lewis and Delvin Choice go home left viewers dumbfounded and outraged.

There was a collective cheer along with a sigh of relief though when the first name was Josh Kaufman; however, it was downhill from that moment when Kristen Merlin was announced as safe next, then Jake Worthington and to top it of Christina Grimme. That meant that Sisaundra, Delvin, Kat, and Audra were at the bottom, this last one did not perform as well on Monday, so it was not a surprise. But the first 3, how could they be on the bottom? And there would only be one instant safe and that way the top 5 would remain, and that was Kat.

America decided and unfortunately can only say goodbye and wish Sisaundra Lewis and Delvin Choice the best of luck and hopefully successful singing careers. They have the voices and stage presence needed to become outstanding and make their own mark in such a competitive industry. There was another surprise and that of Kat Perkins being at the bottom again, but then instantly saved, perhaps America likes suspense of which there is much in “The Voice”. But there is a question that will linger for many days to come, and that is how and in the world could be said that Kristen sang better than Sisaundra? That is beyond belief and maybe even aggravating. These competitions can be taken personal, but come on; really…Or for that matter say that Jake is worthier of being in the competition than Delvin, that is also so unbelievable that makes viewers wonder why did not more people vote?

The coaches can all rejoice for one more week, since every one of them has at least one member of their team remaining in the competition. Josh Kaufman is bound to take the whole competition unless he falters, or losses his composure which is unlikely.

“The Voice” runs on Monday and Tuesday at 8 p.m. EDT on NBC.

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