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‘The Voice’ 2014 spoilers: True blind auditions are scary for viewers (video)

The Voice kicks off on Monday night with plenty of music and more blind auditions. The idea of the big red chairs always has fans intrigued, but this week the sneak peek of just how the coaches feel when they are trying to decide on talent is offered up to the viewers as a spoiler. According to Reality Rewind on Monday the sneak peek offered up to the viewers has audio, but the actual singer has been blurred out.

Sitting in the big red chairs with their back turned to the contestants, The Voice coaches appear to have an easy job. All they need to do is listen to the talent and make a decision on who to put on their team. Anyone who thinks this, might want to take a look at the video of for this week and realize it’s not that easy.

Offering up a view from the coach’s perspective, the viewers are able to hear the singer, watch the judge’s responses, but they can’t see who is on stage. Instead all that is left is a blurred image that appears to be singing. So this is what it feels like to be The Voice coach!

While most fans will agree with decision of the coaches on the singer, the choice becomes far more difficult when there is no visual enhancements involved for the selection. Which is why this week the blind auditions are more important than ever. The chair turnarounds need to happen as the contestants are picked for the final placements on the team.

Take a look at the video clip of The Voice offering True Blind Auditions. Dealing with this on a national television while trying to make a decision would be difficult. In fact, just judging this one contestant is quite scary!

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