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‘The Voice’ 2014 finale: Will Christina Grimmie win the competition?

Christina Grimmie
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

Christina Grimmie is looking like the frontrunner on “The Voice” 2014 season finale. There are only three competitors left and the only female left standing is looking like she will be taking home the top prize. One of the artists that early on stood out, the young entertainer never took her place on national television for granted. According to KHSB on Sunday, Christina Grimmie is facing exhaustion on the heavy finale week schedule of the show but she knows it is going to pay off.

Christina Grimmie will be joined on stage by Texas teen Jake Worthington and Josh Kaufman of Indiana as the title of the reality show is on the line. While some fans have favorites, all three competitors still need to belt out perfect performances so people pick up the phone and vote. With a good percentage of voters still undecided, the competition could go to any of the contestants, but most folks think Christina Grimmie will win.

So what makes Christina Grimmie stand out from the other singers? The answer would be her experience. Christina isn't on the stage for the first time and she already has a handle on how to perform before large crowds. According to Philly on Sunday, the entertainer has been on two international tours with Selena Gomez and released two CDs. Her experience is far greater teenager Jake Worthington.

Grimmie already has a built in fanbase too. The artist was popular on social media way before she touched “The Voice” stage. She has two million YouTube subscribers and that doesn't even count all the people who watch her videos on other accounts.

To pit an artist with a lot of experience against other singers who don’t have so much practice on stage might sound unfair. However, as “The Voice” fans will remind everyone who watches the show, usually the people who win only are known temporarily in the music world and those folks who almost get the top prize find it a stepping stone on their way to success.

“The Voice” 2014 finale airs Monday and Tuesday night on NBC.

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