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The vital element of branding in business and the genius of Anthony Matula

Anthony Matula
Anthony Matula
Anthony Matula

Every successful company or organization begins with a clear mission, values, vision and strategy, and with the right branding to promote their identity to the world. Branding is more important than many people realize, especially in the start-up phase of any company. Branding communicates to the world the unique identity of the organization – who they are, what they do better than anyone else in their field, how they do business and how they treat customers or clients. A poorly designed and cheaply printed business card, poster, or advertisement communicates to potential clients that quality and excellence are not traits of this company. Who would want to do business with a company that can’t even get their business card right? Poorly designed websites that cost very little, will also produce very little revenue for companies. After all, you get what you pay for. In every area of branding – logo, colors, business cards, website, stationary and envelopes, and beyond, branding communicates and promotes an organization’s identity, image, culture, character, work ethic, and quality of results. For this reason, every company that desires to become successful needs to collaborate with experts in the field of graphic design and branding.

One of the graphic design and branding geniuses in this country with a proven track record is Anthony Matula, and he agreed to do an interview with me this week. Anthony started designing when he was still a teenager, and began designing professionally when he was studying at the Berklee College of Music. In the summer of 2003 he created a company called "i creative group", and began acquiring clients and building his design portfolio. All of this time, he was using his name as the lead designer and owner. By 2007, his personal name took over the entire business name, and he has been operating the company as ANTHONYMATULA. He removed the space between his first and last name to communicate the transformation of his company from an individual name to more of an entity and brand.

According to Anthony, the mission of AM is: “To listen, communicate, and produce results, and to inspire others and ourselves by the power of creativity and through personal experiences, while turning over a new artistic leaf with ever evolving ideas.”

Over the past three years, AM has developed graphic design projects for many companies and musicians with a reputation for excellence and beauty. He has developed projects for companies like, Strategic Hospitality, Merchants Restaurant, Musician's Corner Nashville,, Diana's Sweet Shoppe, LIZZY Couture, Dell Inc., Microsoft, Venus and Mars - The Showroom, Seemore Putters, and many more. To see a full client list visit:

Later in the week, we will continue with more information from our interview with this great talent in Nashville, Anthony Matula, CEO of ANTHONYMATULA.