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The virtual door of opportunity

Live the american dream with a virtual spin
Live the american dream with a virtual spin
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Developed over 30 years ago and used as method of communication by the government the Internet has expanded serving the world in ways many still can’t fathom. It continues to grow by leaps and bounds daily. This crazy intangible but very real world opens a virtual door of opportunity to anyone who is willing to partake!

Whether you’re computer savvy or a beginner, pushing the on button of a computer connected to a modem and utilizing an Internet provider to enable your path into the World Wide Web is very user friendly. Most don’t understand the hardware but with help from service providers like the Geek Squad the wealth of the Internet is made available.

For leisure or necessity, the world is now at the tip of your fingers. Internet Shopping, job hunting, selling from electronic store fronts, bill paying, socializing, schooling, tapping into other cultures through live video interface and even viewing remote satellite pictures of the earth is a list of just a few of the World Wide Web’s capabilities.

Are you networking to get discovered for a unique or breathtaking talent? Post a video to a website like Utube and make yourself available to the millions of talents search agents now utilizing this tool.

Both young and old are being discovered and rushed into mainstream cameras for a whirlwind greet and meet with the world.

Do you have a message that you believe can change the world? Apply to sites like this one on to start a column and work to achieve a following. Social networks like Facebook allow the average Joe to develop a circle of friends that reaches millions. It is support that only fame could bring in the past.

Whether your access to this virtual door of opportunity is in your home or you access it for free at your local library, crossing into the World Wide Web provides credence to anyone who dares to dream big! What are you waiting for?

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