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The Virginmarys hitting the U.S. on tour with Buckcherry

English three-piece rock band, The Virginmarys, are back touring the U.S. on a run opening for Buckcherry.

The Virginmarys
Ray Lego

The band continues to tour behind their 2013 debut album King of Conflict.

The tour began in Anaheim on Wednesday and wraps up in Texas on April 19.

The tour will be making a stop in Chesterfield, Michigan on Wednesday, March 26 at the Diesel Concert Lounge.

I caught up with The Virginmarys' frontman Ally Dickaty as the band was out shopping in Burbank for some last minute stuff the night before the tour began.

The band was ready to get out on the road and excited for the tour to start and when asked what attendees can expect from the band this time out, Dickaty had this to say, "Just an energetic performance. You know, the balladry of the energy of rock and roll really. A lot of people who will be there will be seeing us for the first time I would imagine so we're gonna try to pick up as many new fans as possible. I think it's just going to be a set that is really in your face from start to finish."

This will be the band's first time touring with Buckcherry and they were looking forward to getting a chance to meet them.

When asked what he is looking forward to most on this tour, Dickaty was quick to jump in with, "Well Michigan of course," before going on to say, "There is so much in America, we've gone through some of it fast but there's a lot of places on this tour that we've never been. To see that is always great. Just seeing new places and meeting new people. We always love our time out in the States."

Now that The Virginmarys have had some time to tour over here, Dickaty says they are starting to see the same faces come out to shows, "We keep in touch with the fans for sure. We've got a lot of people who are really looking forward to coming out to the gigs so it's really encouraging. Our video for "Just A Ride" has been in the Top 40 for rock so that's always a good sign. It's incredible to be so far away from home and see people singing along to your songs."

He says that he's not sure if any more singles will be released off of the album but that the band already has songs ready to go for another album and they are just waiting on their label to give them the green light to get back into the studio and record.

As for his favorite song from the King of Conflict album, Dickaty shared, "My favorite song from the album is "Dressed to Kill". I think it's one of the the later songs to be written and I really liked it and was really happy with it and how it came out."

When asked on what direction the band is moving in with their new music, Dickaty explained, "It's definitely more progressive. I think we've matured a bit. We've just played more together and it's gonna be happy lyrically. It's still gonna be that honest rock and roll music but there will be some slight changes in the sound and the writing. It just comes with maturing I guess."

When their tour with Buckcherry wraps up, The Virginmarys will be heading back to the UK to perform at Sonisphere followed by a UK tour, "We'll get around to Europe again at some point. We'd really like to get back to Japan as well which we went to last year. Then we will definitely come back to the States," Dickaty stated.

He says the band would love to do a world tour at some point but that the band has already been lucky in the fact that they have gotten to see much of the world already.

He says when it come down to it, the band doesn't see a big difference in their hometown fans compared to their fans over here, "I think people everywhere are crying out for real heartfelt rock music."

While on tour, Dickaty says he spends his free time writing and reading but that the best way to pass the time is to just keep in touch with the fans, "That's always great really to see the response of the fans as far as what you are up to. We always get out and meet the fans on tour. That's a huge pleasure for us as well."

When asked what he is currently listening to, Dickaty shared, "I've been listening to a lot of hip hop actually from New York. There's just not enough real rock bands that wear their heart on their sleeves right now. I think people need to get onto that and start writing about their feelings and what is happening in the moment rather than generic stuff. We are big fans of [Michigan band] IAmDynamite. We toured with them last year. They do some really cool stuff. They are an amazing band."

Dickaty explained that he knew that the rock and roll life was what he wanted to do when he went to Reading Festival when he was young during their punk and rock day. He got to see bands like Rocket From The Crypt and Rancid, "That kind of really made me want to get up there and really feel that energy of punk and rock and roll."

Finally, Dickaty says that he just can't wait to meet the fans while out on this tour and encourages them to, "Just keep it real!"

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