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The Vini: A new take on wine by the glass

The Vini single and case
The Vini single and case
The Vini

Opening a bottle of wine – even an every-day wine – is cause for celebration and for concern. If you’re the only wine drinker in the house, you’re faced with what becomes a race against time to finish the wine before it fades away (unless you’re got the stamina to finish the bottle).

There are solutions, of course: pump out the air, pour into a smaller bottle, drop in a disk, but there’s an inherent risk with each of these approaches – the air seal could fail, pouring the wine into another vessel is a decantation, and the disks can be pricy. Plus, open wines always degrade.

Splits are one solutions; there are more wines showing up in half-bottles and single services, but those tend to fall into the less expensive category. One innovative solution is The Vini, a rather elegant single-serving product that allows consumers to enjoy a quality wine while eliminating the worry about the open bottle. Each serving is equivalent to a generous glass of wine - just over 6 ounces. Principals Dave Gordon and Sunny Fraiser actually created a unique package in which to deliver the wine – a sturdy glass tube with a Stelvin (screw cap) closure that keeps the seal tight and the wine fresh. The product is sold in 4-packs, which is the equivalent of a bottle of wine. The price is $40, in line with a similar single-bottle wine. The company currently offers proprietary red and white blends.

The Vini White Blend: 85% Sonoma Chardonnay & 15% Lodi Viognier. The wine has a delicious golden-yellow color with aromas of lychee, a hint of citrus, some minerality, pears, and light floral notes. The body was nice with flavors had lychee, white fruits, a bit of red apple, some pear, honey, and a touch of citrus peel. The wine was slightly bitter – the viognier’s influence for sure – but not unpleasantly so – with a medium finish, evolving through bitter oranges, honey, and a touch of floral as it. It’s a pleasant drink.

The Vini Red Blend: 65% Napa Zinfandel, 33% Lake County Petite Sirah & 2% Napa Oak Knoll Merlot. The pre-swirl aroma was dark berries, honey, and spice. After swirling the wine to open it up, raspberries and cassis came out. On the palate, cassis was forefront, along with raspberries, dark chocolate, a hint of licorice and some menthol. After the wine sat for a few minutes, the licorice really came out, with a touch of blueberries. It was very nice with good balance. The finish is medium long, evolving through chocolate and berries.

The Vini is available through their website,, or at various locations throughout Florida.


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