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The VillainLand Comic Review Radio Podcast

Promotion ad by Roy Duncan for the upcoming podcast radio interview with John McDowell, creator of Infinity Burger
Roy Duncan

Roy Duncan, creator of The Villain Next Door, Saturday Morning, The Maniac, Chain-Saw Wielding, Duck-Billed Platypus, Frankenstein Apocalypse, Joe Zombie and so much more is probably not an artist who's on your comics "must-read" list at the moment, but he soon will be. His podcast partner, the dignified, quiet and unassuming Jay Bradley, creator of the popular webcomic series Danielle Dark, is another. Together this unlikely Dynamic Duo (illustrated as two uproarious aliens in the Podcast header logo) takes the podcast radio world by storm every Friday night on Talkshoe, discussing the hottest topics in popular culture, as well as featuring the best and brightest in Independent Comics today--and even a few big names like Ka-Blam Digital Printing, Guy Gilchrist, artist of the Nancy comic strip, and more!

At times affectionately referred to as the "Howard Stern of Comic Review Podcast Radio", Roy holds a coarse and rowdy but lighthearted and fun show, named for his most popular comic character, VillainLand. This writer has been a guest several times on the show, and it's great fun. You must be 18 or older to take part.

This Friday night's featured comic artist is rising star John McDowell, creator of the runaway hit comic strip, Infinity Burger! The burger joint at the nexus of the universe! Snog is a small business owner of an outer space eatery. He works there with his sole employee, Delbort--Infinitely!

Anyone who has ever worked in customer service or the food industry will find this comic strip series an absolute howl. Even if you haven't, you'll laugh...and some of you will cry.

John's comic can be viewed and enjoyed at these sites:

Talkshoe's VillainLand convenes this Friday night, April 20, 2012 at 10 pm Eastern Time to talk with the creator of Infinity Burger! John says of the impending first interview: "Hopefully you might call in. I'm not very good at talking, and could probably use all the help I can get!"

The link for this webcast is:
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