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'The View' reunites former co-hosts to bid Barbara Walters farewell

Today, May 15, every co-host in the history of “The View” returned to the show to bid Barbara Walters farewell. Walters announced her retirement last year and will make her final appearance on tomorrow’s show.

Barbara Walters
Photo by D Dipasupil/Getty Images
Barbara Walters
Photo by D Dipasupil/Getty Images

First, it was business as usual – Walters joined current co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Jenny McCarthy, and Sherri Shepherd to discuss the party everyone attended to celebrate Barbara’s career last night. They previewed the special set to air tomorrow night on ABC to reflect back on Barbara’s accomplishments (9 p.m. Eastern/8 p.m. Central).

Then, it was time for a much larger table and the big co-host reunion. Barbara told everyone she enjoyed her time with all of them before going around the table to check in with each one. Meredith Vieira said her husband, Richard, had a blood clot scare but is better now, and her children have grown up and are around the world. Star Jones talked about her dog, dad, and 95-year-old grandmother – everyone is doing beautifully. Debbie Matenopoulos got married in Greece and is five months pregnant. Joy Behar is doing stand-up and told a story about her three-year-old grandson.

Lisa Ling’s daughter is now one year old, and she is happy she took Barbara’s advice in not only focusing on work. Elisabeth Hasselbeck has kept in touch with Barbara and talked about her children. Rosie O’Donnell was recently married, has a baby, and has lost weight after having a heart attack. The group joined together for a photo around the table.

The co-hosts reflected on their favorite memories from the show. Meredith liked it most when they dressed up for Halloween, especially when Barbara went as Marilyn Monroe. Rosie reflected on a decoupage craft segment during which Barbara was not very crafty. She missed the camaraderie of being on the show, as well as the audience. Joy discussed a time she and Barbara disagreed on a quote when Joy was right. Star liked that they got to see a preliminary look at any specials Barbara was working on and all the times Barbara reminded the audience to tune into “20/20.”

Lisa brought up a time when Barbara tried to drive a golf cart and failed miserably. Elisabeth recalled the time she enlisted Barbara’s help to announce her pregnancy. She also said she learned everything from Barbara and to be prepared to be unprepared. Debbie’s favorite memory occurred off-air when she first auditioned for the show and Barbara welcomed her.

They all laughed about Barbara referring to Sarah Lawrence College and her dorm song there quite often during her time on “The View.” Cheerleaders from the school appeared to sing the song, and Barbara’s college roommate, Joan, even surprised her with an appearance.

The co-hosts presented Barbara with a charm bracelet containing a heart to represent each of them. Barbara closed the show by saying she was so glad they were all there and proud they could stay friends. In unison, the entire group told the audience to “Take a little time to enjoy 'The View'.”