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The Victoria's Secret Beach Sexy Self Tanners and Bronzers Collection

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One of the best ways to get a prefect sun kissed, spent the entire day in the sun glow is not to spend the entire day in the sun or in a tanning booth but by using a self tanning lotion. Victoria's Secret knows that you're ready to get your sun glow on so it recently released its Victoria's Secret Beach Sexy Self Tanners and Bronzers Collection. Best part about the collection? No tan lines!

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In the Victoria's Secret Beach Sexy Self Tanning and Bronzers Collection you will find the following:

Victoria's Secret Self Tanning Tinted Spray:

This super fine airbrushed mist delivers a sun-kissed glow to your skin that develops into a long lasting natural tan within hours. For easier application it also comes with a 360ยบ applicator.

Victoria's Secret Self Tanning Lotion:

This tinted self tanning lotion is made with avocado oil to give your skin an instant glow and develops into a long lasting natural tan within hours. The instant blur effect also helps to blur imperfections.

Victoria's Secret Bronze Instant Bronzing Gel:

This lightweight conditioning gel is made with shimmering beads that glide gently onto your skin and blends in effortlessly for instant radiant skin.

Victoria's Secret All Over Bronzing Stick:

This portable bronzing stick is perfect to throw in your purse or bag for touch ups or just an instant glow anytime.

Victoria's Secret Sun Broad Spectrum SPF 25 Spray:

If you're going to spend time in the sun protect yourself with this broad spectrum SPF 25 sunscreen spray.

Victoria's Secret Body Prep Smoothing Scrub:

Before applying self tanner or bronzer prep your skin with this smoothing scrub to slough away dead skin cells and soften and rough patches for the best prepped skin.

Victoria's Secret Beach Sexy Faux Glow Kit:

This tanning trio comes in a convenient travel size kit perfect for an on the glow wherever you're at. Comes with the following:

Travel Bag

Body Prep Smoothing Scrub

All Over Bronzing Stick

Self Tanning Tinted Lotion

All the products in the Victoria's Secret Beach Sexy Self Tanners and Bronzers Collection for Summer 2014 can be purchased online at Victoria's Secret or in stores. Locally Victoria's Secret is located inside of Eastland Mall on Green River Rd. in Evansville, IN. Prices range from $15 for the self tanner, bronzing gel, bronzing stick, sunscreen spray to $18 for the smoothing scrub up to $$25 for the travel kit.

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