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The Vice Presidential debate is over, but it leaves many questions unanswered

VP Joe Biden versus Congressman Paul Ryan
VP Joe Biden versus Congressman Paul Ryan

While the Vice Presidential debate certainly wasn't as one sided as the first Presidential debate, it left many questions unanswered. Both Vice President Joe Biden, and Congressman Paul Ryan did an excellent job of sticking to the campaign issues, they really seemed to dance around the questions more than answer them.
Joe Biden had been pulled off the campaign trail to prepare for this debate, and it showed. While many watching were waiting for yet another addition to the Biden gaffe list, he managed to stay collected and to the point without making any overtly problematic statements. He stuck to the campaign, and even brought back the same $5 trillion argument that was proven false by CNN in the first presidential debate. Although some of his statements were clear and concise, he occasionally stuttered and seemed to be a little confused. All in all Joe Biden did well, and much better than expected.
Paul Ryan did a great job of stating the same things we have been hearing lately. While he may have seemed a little nervous due to all the water he drank, he managed to hold his ground against someone who has much more experience in the debating circuit. Ryan was quick out of the gate, calling out the administration for the events of Benghazi as a terrorist attack that was planned, coordinated, and executed by heavily armed terrorist and not protesters like the administration had originally report. He also gave a slight increase to our knowledge on the Romney tax plan saying that they simply provided the framework and want to use bipartisanship to flesh out the details.
The debate really did little to increase public knowledge of the issues. While both candidates had their talking points ready to go, only a few minor details came out from the questions that weren't previous knowledge. Biden hammered at both Ryan and Romney on many of the issues the Obama campaign has been using, and Ryan fought back with statistics and numbers. It will be interesting to see who the public calls a victor on this debate.
While many are saying the liberal media was preparing for a glorious victory here to bring the Obama campaign back from the beating of the first Presidential debate, it seems that Ryan did what they thought he couldn't. He stood his own and may have kept the momentum going for Romney. It would seem that this debate will likely do little to change the current political sphere, which is too be expected as most VP debates do little to swing voters.