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THE UNDERSTANDING OF COLOR IN YOUR LIFE COULD LEAD TO INNER GUIDANCE THROUGH THE VIBRATION OF COLOR. Color for centuries has been a medium of expression in design in clothes, art, landscaping, furniture, jewelry and much, much more. There is so much written about color and the effect of color on children, peoples moods, prison inmates, businesses, schools, hospitals and many other places. Our built in - inner guidance system that responds to the vibration of color and each color is designed to present to you an opportunity to learn about your self. If your drawn to a color that you wear frequently, or love in your home, car, etc.... google the color and the meaning and you will be surprised at what it means to you. The colors you like, enjoy around you tend to be those colors present lessons you have mastered. If you do your feng shui chart, or your astrological chart, you'll know the color that are good for you and colors you should avoid. Colors you dislike or avoid could be colors that present lessons you are still processing. Every color has meaning and could complete each other, such as a color you wouldn't think of surrounding yourself with yet you take a new job, lets say and the walls are painted a color you dislike or have tried ignoring... this is an opportunity to go thru the vibration of that color and in this situation the color is teaching you to either trust, appreciate your intuition or whatever the meaning of that color is, it's teaching you something or wants your attention on something your ignoring or avoiding. This creates balance, yin, yang, love/hate, whatever the meaning is will empower you to live your life fully on a daily basis. Discover the meaning of events in your life and you will be encouraged to pay attention, be open to receive what is tapping you on your shoulder, looking you in the face or getting your attention in a much stronger way. Being open minded, with an open heart, curious about learning, exploring, researching and diving into your intuition so you will see clearly what your life is all about through the vibration of color. Color is another spiritual tool you can use to open up to the possibilities of tremendous transformation, manifestation, healing and living life in COLOR by having fun while learning about yourself. We are all responsible for our own physical, emotional, mental and spiritual oneness, wholeness. We all have strengths, lessons, transformational desires to manifest our hearts desires and a life purpose. Everyday we have opportunities to become more authentic, honest with who we are and our uniqueness and the chance to develop what is innately part of who we are as we face difficulties in our lives. If we miss our opportunity to learn about yourself, or avoid out of fear or misunderstandings, the opportunity to learn keeps repeating itself in different forms til you learned your lesson, it will continue to follow you. To move forward in life, you must understand your life, be accepting of change in your life which is not easy for most people, but please remember if it weren't for change, there would be no butterflies! To discover and live what sparks passion in you brings beauty of life and satisfaction with a sense of meaning to life. We all have 22 needs a day that must be met and when your needs aren't fulfilled, it can lead to depression.

What do the clothes you chosen to wear, colors in your home and how these colors affect you and others... what do these colors mean? Make informed decisions about your use of color for your health, happiness and to attract money before choosing your wardrobe, car, furniture, gifts you are giving or anything to do with color. Be conscious of your use of color while working with balance in your life and the knowledge of what the colors mean.



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