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The Vernons release video for ‘Shake ‘n’ Roll’

The Vernons released a video for "Shake 'n' Roll" on March 4, 2014.
The Vernons released a video for "Shake 'n' Roll" on March 4, 2014.
press photo/ Big Picture Media

Australian blues-rock band The Vernons has released a video for their single, “Shake ‘n’ Roll,” on March 4.

The video for “Shake ‘n’ Roll” finds the band playing in a white room among close-up shots of the band and people dancing. Its clean look is a bit reminiscent of an iPod or GAP commercial, but the song packs enough grit to make the whole thing work.

“Shake ‘n’ Roll” has also inspired a nationwide T-Moble commercial, and can currently be heard while the company promotes the iPhone 5S.

The Vernons, made up of vocalist/guitarist Jonny Nyst, guitarist James Nikiforides, bassist Hugh Tait, and drummer Elliot Gooch, have been making waves around the world with their infectious brand of blues-rock. In the short three years that they have been together, they have played with the likes of Wolfmother, The Rubens, Seasick Steve, and Wolf & Cub, as well as had a coveted spot in the 2013 Big Day Out Festival.

“Shake ‘n’ Roll” is off of the band’s debut EP, ‘Volume I,’ released on September 6, 2013. ““Shake ‘n’ Roll” is the hyper energetic dancing tune,” guitarist Nikiforides said of the song in a previous interview.

The band previously released videos for ‘Volume I’ tracks “Standing in Line,” and “White Wine.” They are set to release their sophomore EP, ‘Volume II,’ in July.

Watch the video for “Shake ‘n’ Roll” on The Vernons’ YouTube page. The T-Moble commercial can be viewed here. ‘Volume I’ is available now. For more information on The Vernons, visit their website and Facebook page.

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