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The Velib gets deco in Miami Beach with DecoBike


After success in Europe, the bike rental system that started in Paris as the 'Velib' has now come to Miami Beach with DecoBike. The way it works is stations will be placed around Miami Beach where anyone will be able to insert a credit card or unlimited bike pass and rent a bike. They can ride the bike as long as they'd like (and be charged per hour) and once they are done with it, the bike can be returned to any bike station around the city.

For anyone who lives on or is familiar with Miami Beach, this is a great alternative to having to strategically park and lock their bike so it won't get stolen. And the island is so small that these bikes provide a huge amount of accessibility without having to pay overpriced taxi tabs.

The system will be in place in the fall of this year.

You can check out the DecoBike website at for more information.

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