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The Various Arts of the Skull at the Bedford Gallery

The next exhibition premiering at the Bedford Gallery in Walnut Creek is the Skull Show. It is a feature of works that narrows the focus to the physical and historical world of the skull. As the works take the anatomy of the human skull to various avenues in art, it highlights its role in contemporary arts, thus exploring its appearance in counter cultures such as skate, surf, tattoos, and urban graffiti projects. The exhibition also examines its role in historical register, as a memento mori, a traditional religious icon, vanitas themes in still life paintings, and perhaps most notably its role in the holiday Dia de los Muertos.

Ninety artists are featured in this exhibition, all of which takes the skull to different mediums including sculpture and painting. Many of these works can also be previewed on Bedford Gallery’s website at One sample included is Ester Hernandez’s famous 1981 screenprint Sun Mad, which of course drew attention to the pesticides found in grapes and endangering farm workers. Other works include Andres Basuto’s Cornucopia, which is brilliantly made of glass and epoxy putty, and Brian Dettmer’s Skull 12 (80s Pop), which is made entirely of cassette tapes.

The Skull Show is on view until August 31st

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