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The Varieties of Nothingness

Colbert Interview
Colbert Interview

Last week Lawrence Krauss was a guest on The Colbert Report (see the video in this article) where he got to talk about his book, A Universe from Nothing: Why There is Something Rather Than Nothing, which was released in January. Clear and concise, I always enjoy getting to hear Lawrence talk about his work as a cosmologist and theoretical physicist. Many often note that too few scientists or mathematicians seem to be able to communicate their ideas well to those outside their field, but Lawrence is not one of them. Of course, most people, Colbert included, aren't going to understand everything Lawrence talked about in the interview, given that it's only seven minutes long, but if it's a topic you're interested in or you'd like to present to someone, I would highly recommend any of his works. While I have yet to pick up his book, I've seen videos of his talks on the subject and got to listen to him at CSI CON last year. No "supernatural shenanigans" here, just science!

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