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The vanilla latte': A coffee lesson

Spice up your home beverages by making a vanilla latte'
Spice up your home beverages by making a vanilla latte'
Keith A. Little

The vanilla latte' is much like the iced mocha. You get your espresso ready, and pour your 1.25 fluid ounces of vanilla in with it. You add your steamed milk with just a top of milk foam, stir gently, and then you have made a vanilla latte'.

For those of you who need a better idea of how to make milk foam, this section is for you. Milk foam is made by using your espresso machine's steam wand. You put the wand in the milk and start your machine up. By putting the steam wand's tip at the top of the milk, you will see your foam start to rise. If you are having trouble making the foam, just try gentle lifting you cup up and down until you find just the spot where the milk foam is made.

Luscious milk foam is usually made before the milk's temperature turns to 80 degrees or more. After the milk is over 80 degrees, the milk foam will have bigger bubbles. The larger the bubbles, the less tasteful the foam.

There are many different brands of syrups you can buy that will work to use for your 1.25 ounces of vanilla. This examiner likes the Da Vinci syrups. These syrups can be bought online and at many retail locations. You will also find that your local coffee shop will gladly sell you their syrups.

There are many different types of pumps that you can buy that will work well to measure out your syrup for your drink. The easiest to find at a retail location would be a pour spout meant for a liquor bottle. You will find these at many liquor retailers for less than a couple of dollars.


  • Lindsay 5 years ago

    Is there a good way to make a latte at home without spending the money on an espresso machine?

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