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'The Vampire Diaries' spoilers: Shocker coming before end of season 5

Paul Wesley talks about Elena and Stefan.
Photo by Jason Merritt

Fans of "The Vampire Diaries" have a lot more surprises coming before the end of this season. Some of these surprises may shock fans too, but this series is known for making fans twist and turn with the characters each week. On April 8, TV Guide shared one shocking teaser about the travelers. Fans saw a number of them die on the last episode, but there are others around. These others are closer than fans realize too.

Where are these others? Well, they are inside some of the characters that fans know in love. Some residents of Mystic Falls will not be alone. They will have travelers as passengers inside them. Some of the characters with passengers may shock fans. Matt, who is played by Zach Roerig, has already experienced a traveler inside him, and Katherine was a passenger inside Elena. Fans will need to watch to find out who is not alone on this series.

The next episode is titled "Resident Evil." Fans will meet the leader of the travelers named Markos during the hour. The episode is directed by Paul Wesley, and he did offer a new teaser for the on-going issues between Stefan and Elena in the romance department. The next episode will feature them having dreams about each other. Wesley said the following about the pair, according to E! Online:

Those two are like perpetually a pendulum that swings. There's really no algorithm. I don't think anything that happens is permanent, so the answer to that question is that I'm sure they'll work it out in the end.

It really isn't clear where Elena will end up when it comes to the Salvatore brothers. She is destined to be with Stefan, but she is in love with Damon. However, fans know that the relationship between Damon and Elena is very toxic. They really don't work well together.

What do you think? Who has a passenger inside them? And where will Elena end up? One of those questions will be answered by the end of season five. "The Vampire Diaries" will continue to air on CW on Thursday nights.

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