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'The Vampire Diaries' season 6: Which characters will hook up?

Nina Dobrev stars in "The Vampire Diaries"
Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Fans have a lot of questions about what will happen on season 6 of "The Vampire Diaries." One of those is which characters will find love. On June 5, Fashion & Style posted "TVD" spoilers regarding the relationships on the vampire series. With Damon gone, will Elena find her way back to Stefan's arms? If so, then what about the teaser that he and Caroline would get together? Will Jeremy find someone new? The website addressed these burning questions.

It was teased a while ago that Stefan and Caroline could end up getting together next season. However, fans worried that it could cause friction in her friendship with Elena. Even though Elena was with Damon Salvatore, she has a lot of history with Stefan. Breathecast reported that there will be tension between the two ladies over their shared love of Stefan.

As for the teaser that Stefan and Caroline will take their friendship to the next level, the character will wrestle with her feelings. She believes that her feelings for Stefan are just platonic, but deep inside she might not be sure what she is feeling. Dries said that any romantic feelings towards Stefan she either pushed away or talked herself out of it because of the history of Stefan and Elena. Dries said,

"Lots of grey area: Stefan is her friend. Elena loved Stefan. Elena's her best friend. Kind of a no-fly zone, which is why I think that if she has had any more-than-friend feelings she's pushed them away or convinced herself otherwise. The feelings behind the feelings are something we get to explore in season 6 as we watch how her relationship with Stefan plays out in the wake of the finale."

A report from TV Line clarified things and stated that Caroline will act on her feelings towards a crush in season 6. The website quoted Dries as saying at first she will push it down. However, her feelings are going to surface and could cause a possible problem with a friend. She teased,

"We’re going to see [Caroline] set her sights on [said crush] and try to make a move.”

There is also a theory that Jeremy could find a new romance in season 6. WetPaint speculated that Jeremy and Liv could end up together. On the season 5 finale, Bonnie disappeared with Damon when the Other Side was wiped away. The website explained that Liv flirted shamelessly with Jeremy right in front of Bonnie last season.

What do you think will happen with Stefan, Elena and Caroline? Do you think the theory that Jeremy and Liv will hook up is accurate or not? Fans will have to wait until "The Vampire Diaries" season 6 airs on CW this fall to find out for sure.

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