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'The Vampire Diaries' season 6: New spoilers tease Bonnie and Damon's fate

Kat Graham gives fans a small tease about the fate of Bonnie on TVD.
Photo by Christopher Polk

Fans of "The Vampire Diaries" are now counting the days to the return of this series. Season six now has a premiere date of Oct. 2 set, and fans want to know if Bonnie and Damon will survive the end of the other side. The season five finale ended with a flash of light that marked the end of the supernatural limbo. Kat Graham has now spoken out about fate of her character. The Christian Post shared the latest comments made by the actress on June 25.

Kat Graham did not reveal much about Bonnie's fate, but she did reveal that fans will see Bonnie again on the series for season six. She just doesn't know where her character will be. She also doesn't know how long Bonnie will stick around for. The actress also admitted that she cried when she watched the season finale. This cast is very passionate about their characters and the series.

As for Damon, some spoilers have teased that Damon will return, but he may return as a human and not a vampire. Those behind the series originally planned to have Damon take the cure at the end of season five, but fan reaction was not positive for this direction. Damon returning from his time on the other side as a full fledged human being would allow them to explore this storyline. Fans will see Damon during season six. That much has been revealed by Julie Plec.

The upcoming season is being pushed as a "reset" for the series by the cast and those involved with the behind the scenes of the series. The destruction of Mystic Falls is allowing the series to move to new locations for season six. Anything can happen. Alaric returned, and it is possible that fans could see other characters as well. Kayla Ewell had her character killed during season one, and she has returned throughout the series for small appearances. However, a more full return for Vicki has also been teased.

What do you think? Do you want to see Vicki return? Do you support a human Damon line? "The Vampire Diaries" will return to CW this fall.

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