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'The Vampire Diaries' 'Promised Land' recap: Hearts broken and hope destroyed

 The Vampire Diaries -- "Promised Land" -- Pictured: Nina Dobrev as Elena
The Vampire Diaries -- "Promised Land" -- Pictured: Nina Dobrev as Elena
Guy D'Alema/The CW, used with permission

The Thursday, May 8 episode of "The Vampire Diaries," 5x21, "Promised Land," sees Stefan and Elena escape from Markos' blood bank after he gets way too greedy. Plus, Damon straps on his hero hair, Bonnie has to admit she's been lying and an ending that leaves someone screaming.

Stefan Salvatore, relationship counselor After Maria frees Stefan from Markos' blood-draining and he and Elena get out of there, they make the journey back to Mystic Falls, and Stefan offers his ex-girlfriend some relationship advice along the way while she once again calls her and Damon's relationship toxic, this time because her blood can literally destroy him: "You two are miserable without each other. If you want to be with him, just be with him."

Markos, interior decorator Before Stefan and Elena escape, Damon captures Mr. Sykes, formerly the banker who gave Caroline a lollipop with her savings account and currently Traveler-possessed, but that gets him nowhere. So Damon straps on his hero hair, uses his "savior of the universe voice" and has Jeremy and Matt bring him the Travelers' bodies to draw Markos to the house. The plan works, and Markos does show up and takes the time to admire the house that he wants as his own, but fortunately, Julian ends up being helpful and during a tour of the wine cellar, Damon passes the Traveler the key to his cuffs, and Julian attacks Markos, but it happens to be around the time the Travelers' spell kicks in. "We have a problem," Damon says. Talk about an understatement.

Talk about an inconvenience Stefan and Elena don't find a buffalo to eat on their way home, but Maria does pick them up on the road and bring them back to Mystic Falls because her plan is to grab Julian and leave ASAP. However, Luke and Liv put a stop to that because the coven is pissed, so they have a new plan: kill the doppelgangers. The only problem is that the Travelers begin their spell, so they lose their magic, giving Stefan and Elena the chance to run as their daylight rings stop working. They make it to the Grill and the convenient tunnels in its stock room, but that's when Elena and Stefan begin to feel their human deaths. They have to outrun the spell.

Meanwhile, Julian loses his fangs, and Damon joins the "feeling death" party. Markos advises him to take the time to say goodbye, and Jeremy picks him up on the side of the road, taking him to meet Stefan and Elena at Whitmore. Elena kisses Damon when she sees him because she "had a really crappy day and needed it" and couldn’t think of a worse way to die than without seeing him again. Jeremy's heading back to Mystic Falls with Matt to serve as their eyes and ears, and Stefan's waiting around for Caroline while Elena and Damon hit the road.

Did that really just happen?! After Caroline suggests they kill "Tyler" to get Julian out of him by bringing him back from the Other Side with Bonnie and Enzo, Bonnie has to tell her that there is no spell, so killing Tyler is a terrible idea. Enzo doesn't take the news that his plan to come back isn't happening; "There's always a solution," he argues, refusing to give up until he's yanked away. As everyone packs up to outrun the spell, Bonnie finally comes up with something that might work, but they need Enzo for it. The only problem is they also need Maria, and when Enzo finds her to help gather Travelers for Markos' crazy spell, she is yanked away. That's more than just a "snag."

Julian finds Caroline and Stefan outside and does not react well when he finds out about Maria. He blames Stefan, and while they try to subdue him, Julian rips out Stefan's heart. "There, dead doppelganger. Stops the spell," he says before leaving Caroline to scream for help over his body. When Stefan appears to Bonnie, she has to tell him the bad news that they've lost their way to come back from the Other Side. Did that really just happen?! Stefan's death isn't going to be permanent, is it?

"The Vampire Diaries" season 5 ends Thursday at 8 p.m. on the CW. What did you think of episode 21 "Promised Land"?

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